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SC CHE Agenda Feb 1999

SC CHE Agenda Feb 1999


1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC 29201

February 4, 1999 10:30 a.m.



1.  Introductions

2.  Approval of Minutes                                                                                   -Mr. A. Gilbert

3.  Committee Reports

     3.01  Report of the Executive Committee                                                   -Mr.A. Gilbert

              A.Consideration of Business Advisory Council Recommendations

     3.02  Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs                                  -Mr.W. Greene

              A.Consideration of New Program Proposals

                  1. Institute for Advanced Materialsand Manufacturing

                     (CIAM2), Clemson

             B.Consideration of License Renewal Applications

                   1. Nashville Auto-Diesel College,Nashville, TN:

                       a.   A.A.S., Auto-DieselTechnology

                       b.   A.A.S., Auto-Body RepairTechnology

                   2.  Universal TechnicalInstitute, Houston, TX:

                        a. A.O.S., Automotive/Truckand Industrial Technology

                        b. A.O.S., Automotiveand Truck Technology

           C. Consideration ofGuidelines for the Eisenhower Professional the

                  Development Program in Foreign Languages

            D. Consideration ofRegulations for House Bill 3603: Tasting of

                  Alcoholic Beverages in Culinary Arts Courses

            E. Presentation of the Commendation of Excellence Award: Physical

                 Therapy Department, MUSC

   3.03 Report of Committee on Access and Equity, Veterans Affairs,

           and Student Services

          A Update on Palmetto Fellows

3.04 Report of Committee on Finance and Facilities

         (No Report)

3.05  Report of Committee on Planning and Assessment

         A.Update on Performance FundingModifications

4.  Report of the Executive Director                                                               -Dr. R. Barton

     1.  Legislative Update

     2.  Access & Equity Officer Search

     3.  CHE Quarterly Budget Report

Presentation                                                                                                    -Dr. John Palms

                                                                                                                            President, USC

5.  Other Business