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SC CHE Agenda July 1999

SC CHE Agenda July 1999


1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC 29201

July 8, 1999

10:30 a.m.



1.  Introductions

2.  Approval of Minutes                                                                                        - Mr. A. Gilbert

3.  Committee Reports

     3.01  Report of the Executive Committee


     3.02  Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs                                   - Ms. D. Chinnes

                 and Licensing

            A. Consideration ofNew Program Proposals

                 1. A.E.T., Engineering Design Technology, Midlands Technical College

                 2. M.Ed., Middle Level Education, Winthrop

            B.  Consideration of Guidelines for CHE Research Grants, FY 1999-2000

            C.  Consideration of Guidelines for CHE Instructional Technology Grants,


            D.  Consideration of Recommendations of Business Advisory Council and its

                 Implementation Task Force

    3.03  Report of Committee on Access & Equity and                                   - Ms. Susan Cole

               Student Services

               (No Report)

   3.04 Report of Committee on Finance and Facilities                                    - Ms. R. Byerly

        Consideration of Proposed Methodology forthe Study of Funding of South Carolina

        Public Institutions

   3.05 Report of Committee on Planning, Assessment                                      -Mr. Dalton Floyd

             andPerformance Funding

            1. Consideration ofPerformance Improvement Funding

            2. Consideration ofData Verification Report: Winthrop University

            3. Consideration ofAdditional Criterion Referencing and Sector Benchmarks for 1999-2000 Only

            4. Consideration ofInstitutional Benchmarks for 1999-2000

4.  Report of the Executive Director                                                                  - Dr. R. Barton

      Legislative Update–Budget

5. Other Business