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SC CHE Agenda May 1999

SC CHE Agenda May 1999


1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC 29201

May 6, 1999 10:30 a.m.


1.   Introductions

2.   Approval of Minutes                                                                                           - Mr. A. Gilbert

3.   Committee Reports

       3.01  Report of the Executive Committee

              (No Report)

       3.02  Report of the Committee on AcademicAffairs                                        - Mr. W. Greene

                   and Licensing

                   A.   Consideration of New Program Proposals:

                          1.   A.E.T., Geomatic Technology, Greenville Technical College

                           2.   M.S., Packaging Science, Clemson

                           3.   Ph.D., Policy Studies, Clemson

                           4.   N.D., Doctor of Nursing, USC-Columbia

                     B.   Consideration of Licensing Requests:

                           Amendment to the current License to add a Columbia Location for Webster

                           University, St. Louis, MO to offer:

                                     M. A., Business (Computer Resources and Information Management,

                                        Counseling, Health Services Management, Human Resource

                                        Development, Management)

                              M.B.A. (Computer Resources and Information Mangement, Health

                                        Services Managementm, Human Resource Development, Management)

                  C.   Consideration of New Endowed Professorship in Instructional

                  Technology, FY 1998-99

D.  Public Hearing for Proposed Regulation to Implement House Bill 3603 –

       Tasting of Alcoholic Beverages in Culinary Arts Courses

           3.03  Report ofCommittee on Access & Equity and
                                                 - Mr. F. Gilbert

                   Student Services

  Appeals Process for Palmetto Fellows and LIFE

                  B.   Demonstration of Electronic College/University Application (20 Minutes)

          3.04  Report of Committeeon Finance and Facilities                                   -Ms. R. Byerly

                  A.   Facilities Projects

                       1.   College of Charleston

                            a.BellSouth HVAC system

                            b.New Library Construction

                       2.   Winthrop University

                           a.   Sims Science Building

                       3.   Florence-Darlington Technical College

                           a.   BellSouth Bldg. Renovation/Parking Garage Construction

                      4.   YORK TECHnical College

                          a.   Arts/Sciences & Distance Learning Building

                      5.   Information Reports

                           a.   Update on Deferred Maintenance

                           b.   Update on Life-Safety Plans

                 B.   Validation of Mission Resource Requirement: Request forProposals

                  C.    Reconsideration of FY 1999-2000 Allocation Policy

          3.05  Report of Committeeon Planning, Assessment                                                 -Mr. Dalton Floyd

                  and Performance Funding

                 A.   Consideration of Performance Funding Ratings for Year Three

                 B.   Consideration of Role and Mission Statements:

                             Horry-Georgetown Technical College

                             Midlands Technical College

                             Trident Technical College

4.  Report of the Executive Director                                                                                   -Dr. R. Barton

     1.  Amendments to the LIFE Scholarship Regulationsrecommended by the Senate

           Education Subcommittee

     2.  FY 2000 Higher Education Budget

     3.  Update on Palmetto Fellows

     4.  Rhineland-Palatinate/South Carolina EducationalExchanges


Presentation                                                     -Ms. Inez Tenenbaum, State Superintendent of Education

5.  Other Business