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SC CHE Agenda Oct 2000

SC CHE Agenda Oct 2000




1333 Main Street,Suite 200

Columbia, SC29201


October5, 2000


10:30 a.m.





1.    Introductions



2.    Approval ofMinutes


Chairman’s Report- Mr. D. Floyd


3.    CommitteeReports


3.01  Report ofthe Executive Committee

(No Report)


3.02  Report ofthe Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing- Ms. D. Chinnes


A.Consideration of NewProgram Proposals


1.A.P.S., Early Care and Education, Aiken Tech

2.A.P.S., Early Care and Education, Denmark Tech

3.A.P.S., Early Care and Education, Orangeburg-Calhoun Tech

4.A.P.S., Early Care and Education, Trident Tech

5.A.P.S., Early Care and Education,YORK TECH

6.B.S., Cardiovascular Technology, USC-Columbia

7.M.S., Computer and Information Science, Joint program between theCollege ofCharleston and The Citadel

8.M.E.C.,Electronic Commerce, Clemson

9.M.P.H.,Physical Activity and Public Health, USC-Columbia

10.M.S.,Software Engineering, Winthrop

11.Certificateof Graduate Studies, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, USC-Columbia


B. Consideration of State PartnershipEvaluation of Existing Programs in Education (FY 1994-1999)

C.Considerationof Follow-up Report on Statewide Review of Dentistry Education, 1997


D.Consideration of Admission Standards forFirst-Time Entering Freshmen,

FY 1999-2000


E.Consideration of Annual Evaluation ofTwo-Year Programs, FY 1999-2000


F.Consideration of Commission Appointees toDeans' Committee on Medical Education

G.Informational Report on LicensingActivities, FY 1999-2000


3.03  Report ofCommittee on Access & Equity and

Student Services- Ms. S. Cole

A.    Considerationof Program Summary and Proposed Appropriation Request/Budget

FY 2000-2001 for SC Center for TeacherRecruitment – Rock Hill


B.   Considerationof Program Summary and Proposed Appropriation Request/Budget

FY 2000-2001 for SC Program forRecruitment and Retention of Minority

Teachers – South Carolina State University


C.   Considerationof Program Summary and Proposed Appropriation Request/Budget

FY 2000-2001for Minority Access to Teacher Education (MATE) – Benedict College


D.   1998-2000LIFE Scholarship Program – Informational Report


E.    2000-2001Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Awards – Informational Report


F.    1999-2000SC Need-Based Grant Awards – Informational Report



3.04  Report ofCommittee on Finance and Facilities- Ms. R. Byerly


A.   Considerationof Commission on Higher Education Proposed Foundation


B.   Considerationof Overall Permanent Improvement Plans



3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding-Gen. Tom Olsen

A.  Considerationof Regulations pursuant to Act 359 of 1996


B.  Report onPossible Recommendations Regarding Performance Funding Indicators




4.    Presentationby Southern Education Foundation



5.    Report ofthe Executive Director


¨     Access & Equity Conference

¨     Higher Education Day – 2001 Session of theGeneral Assembly



Presentation:1.Governor’s Professor of the YearDr. Ronald J. Harshbarger

Professor of Mathematics

University of SC Beaufort


2.Governor’s Professor of the Year Dr. Ashok K. Kabi Satpathy

Associate Professor of ChemistrySouth Carolina State University

6.    OtherBusiness