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SC CHE Agenda Sept 2000

SC CHE Agenda Sept 2000




Madren Center

Executive Board Room


September7, 2000

10:30 a.m.




1.    Introductions


2.    Approval ofMinutes


Chairman’s Report- Mr. D. Floyd


3.    CommitteeReports


3.01  Report ofthe Executive Committee


(No Report)


3.02  Report ofthe Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing- Ms. D. Chinnes

(No Report)


3.03  Report ofCommittee on Access & Equity and

Student Services- Ms. S. Cole

(No Report)


3.04  Report ofCommittee on Finance and Facilities- Ms. R. Byerly


A.             Consideration of Facilities Interim Projects

1.    ClemsonFike Well. Ctr.Renovation/Add.

IncreaseBudget/Revise Scope$20,400,000

2.Coll. of CharlestonAcquisition of 5 Liberty St.

Increase Budget/Acquire Facility$900,0003.Central Carolina TC Accept Donation – FE Dubose

Property – Establish Project$04.Piedmont TCLaurens County Higher Ed. Ctr.

Increase Budget$900,000

B.             Consideration of Below-the-Line Items

1.     InstitutionBelow-the-Line Requests

2.CHE Below-the-Line Requests


C.             Consideration of Plan 2002 (College and UniversityAppropriation

Request FY2002)

D.Consideration of CHE Proposed Foundation


E.Consideration of Proposed StatewideHigher Education Center for InformationTechnology Education


F.Consideration of Revised Membership of the Funding AdvisoryCommittee


G.Studyof the Validation of the Mission Resource Requirement Model

(For information only)

3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding-Mr. Dalton Floyd

A.             Considerationof Peers for Research Sector


B.             Considerationof Recommendation for Performance Improvement Funding


C.             Considerationof Data Verification Reports


1.Teaching Universities

a.Coastal Carolina University

b.South Carolina State University

2.Technical Colleges

a.Central Carolina Technical College

b.Horry-Georgetown Technical College

c.Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

d.Spartanburg Community College

e.Trident Technical College

f.YORK TECHnical College


4.    Report ofthe Executive Director

¨     FIPSE Conference Update

¨     Miles to Go South Carolina

¨     Access and Equity Conference


5.    ExecutiveSession