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SC CHE Minutes July 2000

SC CHE Minutes July 2000




1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC


July 6, 2000

10:30 a.m.




Mr. Dalton B.Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms. Rosemary H.Byerly

Ms. Dianne Chinnes

Ms. Lorraine Dimery

Mr. LawrenceGressette, Jr.

Ms. Cathy Harvin

Dr.Larry Jackson

Dr.Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen.Thomas R. Olsen

Mr.Dan Ravenel

Mr.Carl Solomon



Ms. Susan Cole

Dr. David E. Shi



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Ms. Camille Brown

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Ms. Saundra Carr

Ms. Renee Connolly

Ms. LorindaCopeland

Ms. Renea Eshleman

Mr. CharlieFitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Bichevia Green

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Julie Hardin

Ms. Sherry Hubbard

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Mr. Walter Jackson

Mr. Alan Krech

Ms. Lynn Metcalf




Dr. Gail Morrison

Christina Pandimos

Mr. John Smalls

Dr. Mike Smith

Ms. Jan Stewart

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk



Dr.Frank Bonner

Dr. DianeBradstetter

Ms. Kara Browder

Dr. Russ Bumba

Ms. Bridgett Burlis

Mr. Jim Byrd

Ms. Mary Jo Cook

Mr. Robert Cuttino

Ms. Betty Davidson

Mr. Conrad Festa

Mr. John Finan

Ms.Linda Floyd

Mr.Harrison Ford

Mr.Casey Frederick

Mr.R. Austin Gilbert, Jr.

Ms.Beth Gilbert

Dr.Susan Gwinn

Mr.Tom Higard

Dr.Ray Greenberg

Dr.David Hunter

Mr. Darin Junck

Ms. Star Kepner

Mr. Thornton Kirby

Dr. Carol Lancaster

Ms. Amanda Maggaud

Ms. Casey Martin

Mr. Bob Mellon

Col. Spike Metts

Dr. Bob Mignone

Mr. AnthonyNegbenebar

Dr. BlanchPremo-Hopkins

Dr. Judy Prince

Mr. Charles Shawver

Dr. Sabre Slaughter

Dr. John Sutusky

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

Dr. Marcia Welsh

Mr. Richard Williams

Dr. Jimmy Williamson



Jennifer Holland/Associated Press




Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.


The first item addressed was presentation of the “Order ofthe Palmetto” award from the Governor’s Office to Austin Gilbert for hisservice to the state of South Carolina as member and Chairman of the SouthCarolina Commission on Higher Education over the past eight years.


Mr. CharlieFitzSimons was then asked to proceed with the introductions of guests.




Guests were introduced and welcomedto the Commission meeting.


2.                 Approval of Minutes


A motion was made (Harvin), seconded(Lightsey) and carried to approvethe minutes as submitted.


Chairman’s Report- Mr. D. Floyd


¨     CommitteeAssignments

Committee assignments have been made and the list is Attachment I to these minutes.

¨     CommitteeMeeting Dates

Committee meetings will, in the future, take place either prior to theCommission meetings or on the third Tuesday of each month.

¨     TheFund for the Improvement of PostScondary Education (FIPSE)Conference

The FIPSE Conference will takeplace September 20-22 at the Hilton Harbor Resort at Patriot’s Point,Charleston

3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of the ExecutiveCommitteeChairman Austin Gilbert





3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing Ms. Dianne Chinnes

A.        Consideration of New Program Proposal

B.A., Information Management and Systems, USC Spartanburg

at Spartanburg and the University Center of Greenville


Mrs.Chinnes reported that this program has been approved by the USC Board ofTrustees, the Advisory Committee on Academic Programs and the Academic AffairsCommittee.In summary, the program isneeded and has been supported.Onbehalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, a motion was made (Chinnes), secondedand carried. to approve thisprogram.(ATT II A)

Itwas suggested by Chairman Floyd, with approval expressed by the members, thatMs. Chinnes present all eight items and offer the opportunity after each for discussion,if necessary, and otherwise approve as a group.


B.       Consideration of the Medical University ofSouth Carolina’s

Follow-up Report to CHE Consultants’ Evaluation of

Existing Programs in Life Sciences, FY1997-98


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that Commission grantfull program approval to the program leading to the PhD in ExperimentalPathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Medical University of SouthCarolina.(ATT II B)


C.        Consideration of Guidelines for the SCResearch Initiative Competitive

Grants Program, FY 2000-01


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that Commissionapprove the revised Guidelines.(ATT II C)


D.Consideration of CHE Consultants’ Evaluationof Existing Programs

In Family and Consumer Sciences, FY 1999-2000


Recommendation:The Committee recommends thatCommissionapprove the followingsuggestions made by the Commission’s consultant team on existing programs infamily and consumer sciences and recommends to the Commission


1.     that South Carolina State University collaboratewith Winthrop University, the Medical University of South Carolina, and theSouth Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control on findingaccredited dietetic internship openings for students enrolled in human nutritionprograms at South Carolina State University;

2.     that South Carolina State University and WinthropUniversity collaborate with Clemson University, the Medical University of SouthCarolina, and/or the University of South Carolina Columbia to explore thepossibility of making available a doctorate in human nutrition to SouthCarolinians, and

3.     that the following programs be awarded full approvalstatus:


South CarolinaState University:

BS in Family and ConsumerSciences Business

BS in Nutrition and Food Management

MS in Nutritional Sciences

MS in Individual and Family Development



BSin Human Nutrition

MSin Human Nutrition(ATT II D)


E.    Consideration of Annual Report on Compliancewith the English Fluency Act in Higher Education, FY 1999-2000


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that Commissionapprove this report (ATT II E)and transmit it to the appropriate committee chairpersons of the GeneralAssembly


F.    Consideration of New Center of ExcellenceAwards, FY 2000-2001


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commission(1) accept the Review Panel’s recommendation and award the grant to WinthropUniversity to establish the Center of Excellence in Early Childhood Educationand 2) authorize the staff to negotiate the final award with Winthrop.Attachments:Center Proposal Abstracts,Center of Excellence Review Panel Report.(ATT II F)


G.  Consideration of Request for Initial License:Gardner-Webb University,

Boiling Springs, NC – M.B.A., Business Administrationat Spartanburg


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that Commissiongrant initial licensure for five years to Gardner-Webb University to offer aprogram leading to the M.B.A. degree at the Spartanburg Regional Medical Centerin Spartanburg.(ATT II G)


H.   Informational Report on the Academic CommonMarket, FY 1999-2000

This report was presented to the Commission for information only.(ATTII H)



3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity &Student Services

-Dr.Larry Jackson


A.        South CarolinaStudent Loan Regulations


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that Commission approve the request of the South CarolinaStudent Loan Corporation to change the regulations of the South CarolinaTeachers Loan Program (TLP) and approve emergency regulations that implementthe changes to the South Carolina Teachers Loan Program recently enacted by theSouth Carolina General Assembly.(ATT III A)


B.        Consideration ofProposed Revisions to the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

andNeed-based Grant Regulations


Recommendation:TheCommittee recommends that Commission approve the proposed revisions to the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship andNeed-based Grant Regulations (ATTIII B).Upon approval by the Commission, the revised regulations will besubmitted the General Assembly for approval under the Administrative ProceduresAct.


On behalf of the Committee on Access & Equity andStudent Services, a motion (Jackson) was made, seconded (Byerly)and carried to approve the recommendations of the Committee.


3.04Committee onFinance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly


A.          Consideration ofFlorence-Darlington Technical College Land Acquisition (ATT IV)


Recommendation:TheCommittee recommends approval of this request provided that the landacquisition is approved by the State Board for Technical and ComprehensiveEducation at its meeting on July 19, and the Budget and Control Board finds theappraisal and the environmental studies satisfactory.


After brief discussion, on behalf ofthe Committee on Finance and Facilities, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded (Olsen) and carried to approve the recommendation of theCommittee.



3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Mr. Dalton Floyd


A.                Consideration ofPerformance Funding Standards


Before presenting the committee’s recommendations, Mr. Floyd explainedthe standards at length, going through the material provided.He further explained that the committee’srecommendation represents a substantial effort to base the standards on thebest available data, including, where possible, national peer data.The committee’s recommendations for the researchsector are made with the understanding that some issues involving peers forthat sector are still being resolved.


The committee, therefore, recommends the standards for the researchsector be approved inconcept, pendingconfirmation of the peers.


On behalf of the committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded (Olsen) and carried (with one member abstaining), to approve thestandards as presented in the materials reviewed.


Mr. Gressette requested that a letter received from the researchuniversities (ATT V) be made a part of the record.



B.Consideration of Performance Improvement Funding Proposals

The second item of business is arecommendation by the committee in response to proposals submitted by eligibleinstitutions.The committee made theserecommendations prior to the General Assembly’s final action on the budget,anticipating that there would be some residual dollars unexpended.The committee is to consider the allocationof the residual dollars at its next meeting.


The committee recommends the following allocation of performanceimprovement funding for FY2000-2001, as described in the attachments to theagenda:

$950,000 to the Research Universities to enhance the recruitment and retention of minority faculty members

$162,640 to Coastal Carolina University to support accreditation of the computer science program

$59,050 to Francis Marion University to improve performance on the teacherexaminations

$110,460 to Lander University to support accreditation of the businessprogram

$32,100 to the USC regional campuses to provide video conferencing to enhance the sharing of resources acrossthe campuses

$406,490 to the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education to improve performance of institutionsthrough such means as the delivery of courses through distance education and throughcompetitive proposals from individual institutions scoring in theachieves category of overall performance


Onbehalf of the Committee on Planning, Assessment and Performance Funding, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded(Olsen) and carried to approve the recommendations of the committee.


4.Report of the BusinessAdvisory Council


Mr.Larry Wilson, Chairman of the Business Advisory Council was unable to attendthis meeting and, in his absence, Ms. Dianne Chinnes delivered the report of theMay 17, 2000 meeting of the Business Advisory Council.


TheCouncil report in full is AttachmentVI.Briefly, the recommendations of the Business Advisory Council areas follows:


1.             Additionalmembers should be appointed to the Council;

2.             the Councilendorses the concept of Performance Funding and recommends that, after seekinginput from all sectors, the CHE staff develop two sets of recommendations forrefining performance funding: those that can be made by the Commission andthose that would require action by the General Assembly;

3.             the Commissionshould explore the possibility of establishing an educational foundation; and

4.             The Commissionshould reconvene the ad hoc Teacher Education Committee and, working with itsinstitutional members and staff from the State Department of Education, theEducation Oversight Committee, the State Board for Technical and ComprehensiveEducation, SC Educational Television, the SC Distance Education Partnership andthe business community toward professional development activities responsive tothe needs of the business community.




5.Report of the Executive Director Rayburn Barton


¨     FY 2000-2001 Budget Overview – There were $13,000,300added to the LIFE Scholarship program.We received an increase in the research grant program from $2.5 to $4million.In the performance fundingarea, we received $22 million new dollars.

¨     Trusteeship Conference Update – A planning committeewith representatives from all sectors is working on this project.The Madren Center at Clemson will be thesite of the event on September 6 and will have facilitators from theAssociation of Governing Boards.Governor Hodges has been invited.This conference will be offered at no cost to the institutions.There will also be a Commission planningsession in the afternoon following the Commission meeting on September 7.

¨     Palmetto Fellow Update – For the 2000-2001 academicyear, 778 scholarships have been awarded.614 of those went to public institutions, 162 went to private.All 778 available have been awarded andaccepted.


Dr.Raymond Greenberg, President of the Medical University of South Carolina made apresentation on the Medical University.


6.      OtherBusiness


¨     Election of Officers:Nominations for Vice Chair were opened and Ms. Dianne Chinnes wasnominated by Ms. Cathy Harvin; the nomination was seconded by Mr.Lawrence Gressette.Dr. LarryJackson made a motion and Harry Lightsey seconded the motion thatnominations be closed.The motioncarried.Dianne Chinnes istherefore the Vice Chair of the Commission.

¨     Committee Chairs:Standing Committee appointments were made and the committees willconvene and elect their chairs.



There being no further business,the meeting was adjourned at 12:30 p.m.







Betsy R. Gunter







Please Note:Attachments II-VI are on file with the official copy of the Minutes inthe offices of the Commission at 1333 Main Street.The supporting documents were distributed prior to the meetingand during the meeting and will not be redistributed here.