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SC CHE Minutes May 2000

SC CHE Minutes May 2000





1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC


May 4, 2000

10:30 a.m.



Mr. R. Austin Gilbert, Jr.,Chairman

Ms. Rosemary H. Byerly

Ms. Dianne Chinnes

Ms. Susan Cole

Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.

Mr. Lawrence Gressette, Jr.

Dr.Larry Jackson

Dr.Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen.Thomas R. Olsen

Dr.David E. Shi

Mr. Bill Stern



Ms. Cathy Harvin



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Ms. Camille Brown

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Ms. Renee Connolly

Ms. Lorinda Copeland

Renea Eshleman

Mr. Charlie FitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Julie Harden

Dr. Nancy Healy-Williams

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Mr. Walter Jackson

Dr. David Loope

Ms. Lynn Metcalf

Dr. Mike Raley

Mr. John Smalls

Ms. Jan Stewart




Mr.Arthur M. Bjontegard

Dr. Diane Bradstettler

Ms. Mary Jo Cook

Ms. Julie Corner

Ms. Betty Davidson

Mr. Stan Davis

Dr. David Hunter

Dr.Perry Gasque-Carter

Ms.Donna Collins

Mr.Charlie Jeffcoat

Ms.Brenda Jones

Ms. Karen Jones

Ms. Star Kepner

Mr. Joseph Kennedy

Ms. Dorcas Kitchings

Mr. John Kruse

Mr. Gary McCombs

Mr. J.P. McKee

Mr. Bob Mellon

Dr. Bob Mignone

Dr. Harry Matthews

Dr. Blanch Premo-Hopkins

Mr. Ron Rhames

Mr. Charles Shawver

Dr. John Sutusky

Ms. Rita Teal

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

Dr. Marcia Welsh

Mr. Richard Williams



Ms. Chris Schweikart/TheState

Ms. CharleneGunnells/Charleston Post &Courier

Jennifer Holland/AssociatedPress



Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.

The meeting was called to order at 10:40 a.m. by ChairmanGilbert, who then asked Mr. Charlie FtizSimons to proceed with theintroductions.




Guests were introduced and welcomedto the Commission meeting.


2.                 Approval of Minutes


A motion was made (Olsen), seconded(Byerly) and carried to approve theminutes as submitted.



3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of theExecutive CommitteeChairmanAustin Gilbert

(No Report)

3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing Ms. Dianne Chinnes



1.01    Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing- Ms. D. Chinnes

A.Consideration of New Program Proposals:

1.  A.I.T., Diesel Technology,Florence-Darlington Tech

2.  A.H.S., Respiratory Care, Orangeburg-CalhounTech

3.A.Bus., Funeral Services, Piedmont Tech

4.A.H.S., Respiratory Care, Tri-County Tech

5.A.P.S., Human Services, Trident Tech

6.M.A., Psychology, USC-Columbia

7.M.M., Conducting, Winthrop

Theseseven program proposals were reviewed at the meeting of the Committee onAcademic Affairs.It was agreed thatall seven program proposals would be considered in one motion.


Recommendation:In each case, the Committee on AcademicAffairs recommends that the Commission approve them provided no “unique cost”or other special state funding be required or requested.In #3, (A.Bus., funeral Services, TridentTech.) there was the added provision that this specialization within thecurrent general technology program be permanently discontinued.


On behalf of the Committeeon Academic Affairs, a motion(Chinnes) was made, seconded (Cole)and carried to approve the sevenprogram proposals listed above.(ATT I)



B.Consideration of Request for Amendment ofLicense for ITT Technical Institute, Greenville


A.A.S.,Information Technology (Computer Network Systems, Multimedia, Software

Applications andProgramming, and Web Development)


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove amendment of ITT Technical Institution’s license to offer programsleading to the A.A.S. degree in Information Technology with specializations inComputer Network Systems, Multimedia, Software Applications and Programming,and Web Development.


On behalf of the Committee, a motion(Chinnes) was made, seconded (Floyd) and carried to approve therecommendation of the Committee on Academic Affairs.(ATT II)


C.    Consideration of Request for Initial License for Miller- Motte Business College,Clarksville,TN


A.A.S.,Business Management

A.A.S.,Medical Assisting

A.A.S.,Microcomputer Applications with concentrations in Microcomputer

ApplicationsAssistant and Systems Network Engineer


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove initial licensure for five years of Miller-Motte Business College tooffer the A.A.S. in Accounting, Business, Management, Medical Assisting, andMicrocomputer Applications with concentrations in Microcomputer ApplicationsAssistant and Systems Network Engineer, provided that accreditation is soughtat the earliest opportunity for the Medical Assisting program.Further, the Committee recommends that theCommission authorize the staff to issue the license after the facility isrenovated, equipped, and inspected.


The Committee has detailedbackground on the school.With regardto the Medical Assisting program, it was noted that in order to obtainaccreditation from the CAAHP, one class has to graduate.Therefore, in the motion, this will bereferenced.When discussed in theCommittee meeting, the MMBC official assured the staff that they will seek thisaccreditation as soon as their eligibility is established.


On behalf of the Committee onAcademic Affairs, a motion (Chinnes) was made andseconded (Cole) and carried toapprove the initial license for five years for Miller-Motte to offer the accounting, business management, medical assisting and microcomputerapplications with concentrations as stated in ATT III, providedaccreditation is sought at the earliest opportunity for the Medical Assistingprogram, and further that the Commission authorize staff to issue the license afterthe facility is renovated, equipped, and inspected.


During the discussion phase of themotion, Dr. Jackson asked about the delivery system, e.g., through distancelearning or physical location in SC.The school will have a physical location in Charleston.With no other questions or discussion, the motionwas voted on and carried.





D.Consideration of Follow-up Reports to CHE Consultants'Evaluations


1.Life Sciences

2.Physical Sciences


Ms. Chinnes referred to the background in ATT IV; in1998, outside evaluators (external consultants) evaluated the colleges.The colleges did an internal analysis andresponded.Based on the colleges’responses and the external consultants’ recommendations, the Committee onAcademic Affairs met, discussed these, and made the followingrecommendations:


RE:Life Sciences


Recommendations:The Committee on Academic Affairs recommendsthat the Commission:


1.Grant full program approval to the followingprograms:

Clemson UniversityMS/PhDBiochemistry

2.      Endorse the decision of Clemson University toterminate the program leading to the MS/PhD degrees in Nutritional Sciences asof Spring Semester 2000;

3.      EndorseClemson University’s decision to terminate the following programs, effectiveOctober 1, 2000, with no new students admitted after the Fall 2000 semester;

MS/PhD, Plant Pathology

MS, Botany

MS, Horticulture

M.S./Ph.D., Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences

MS/PhD, Plant Physiology.(ATT IV)


On behalfof the Committee on Academic Affairs, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded(Byerly) and carried to accept the recommendations of the Committee asfully stated in Attachment IV. Those recommendations include grantingfull approval to the M.S. and Ph.D. in Textiles and Polymer Science at ClemsonUniversity and the B.S. in Chemistry at South Carolina State University;Francis Marion University’s decision to merge its two physics majors into asingle program leading to the B.S. degree in Physics with Computational Physicsand Health Physics tracks; and endorsing Clemson’s decision to terminate theB.S. in Textile Science, the M.S. in Textile chemistry, and the M.S. in TextileScience.


RE:Physical Sciences


Recommendations:The Committee recommends that theCommission:

1.             Grant full approval to the following programs:

¨       the new M.S. in Textiles, fiber, and Polymer Science(created by program merger), Clemson University

¨       the newly renamed Ph.D. in Textiles, Fiber and PolymerScience, Clemson University

¨       the B.S. in Chemistry, South Carolina State University


2.             Accept as informationthe following:

¨     Francis Marion University’s decision to merge its twophysics majors into a single program leading to the B.S. degree in Physics withtwo tracks (i.e., Computational Physics and Health Physics).

¨     Clemson’s decision to terminate:

a)             the B.S. in Textile Science, to be effective at the end ofFall Semester 2000 (with students able to complete the program through Summer2003);

b)             the M.S. in Textile chemistry to be effective immediately(with no students remaining in the program); and

c)             the M.S. in Textile Science to be effective at the end ofSpring Semester 2000 (with no students remaining in the program).(ATT V)

On behalf of the Committee onAcademic Affairs, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded (Byerly)and carried to accept these recommendations (ATTV).


E.    Consideration of Guidelines for EisenhowerProfessional Development Competitive

Grants Program, Project Year2000-01


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove these Guidelines, which will be issued in August 2000 or as soonas it is known whether or not the program will continue.


Ms. Chinnesstated that the Commission has been responsible for this program since 1984,its purpose being to provide funds to the states for improving instruction andteachers’ skills in mathematics and science and to provide access to andparticipation in such instruction for all students.


The changes tothe Guidelines (ATT VI) are indicated by strikeovers and additions areunderlined.It is important to note,however, on the Dwight Eisenhower Competitive Grant Program, that at this timeit is not known whether it will continue or not.Because of the timelines required of the colleges, approval ofthe Commission is needed in case the program is continued.


On behalf ofthe Committee on Academic Affairs, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded(Jackson) and carried to approve the attached Guidelines, to beissued in August, 2000, or whenever it is known whether or not the program willcontinue.


F.     Consideration of Guidelines for Centers ofExcellence Competitive Grants Program FY 2001-02


Alsoestablished in 1984, this program provides for the establishment of a contractprogram with public or private colleges in South Carolina to foster thedevelopment of “Centers of Excellence” in particular areas of need related toteacher education programs.AttachmentVII contains a summary of the criteria contained in the Guidelinesand the Guidelines themselves.


Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove these Guidelines.



On behalf ofthe Committee on Academic Affairs, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded(Gressette) and carried to approve these Guidelines (ATT VII).


3.03Report of the Committee on Access, Equity &Student Services-Ms. Susan Cole



3.04Committee onFinance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly

A.Interim Facilities Projects:

1.               Clemson Univ. -Athletic Facility Constr./Renov.

Incr./Rev. Scope$1,000,000

2.USC-Columbia-EngineeringShop Bldg. Constr.Establish800,000

3.SpartanburgTC-Student Life Bldg. Incr./Rev.Scope850,000

4. USCColumbia-Strom Thurmond Fitness and Wellness

CenterIncrease Budget2,874,000



Thefour Interim Facilities Projects are outlined in Attachment VIII wereconsidered in one motion.In Item 1, itwas decided that while into the renovation, it would be wise to also constructaccess avenues for handicapped and emergency personnel.


Onbehalf of the Committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded(Cole) and carried to approve these Interim Facilities Projects aspresented.


B. Annual PermanentImprovement Plans (APIP) 2000-2001:


1.                 Coastal Carolina:

ScienceCenter Addition/RenovationAdd/Renovate27,700,000Multi-purpose Athletic FacilityNewConstruction6,000,000SingletonBldg. RenovationRenovation 5,350,000Waites Island ResearchFacilityNew Construction1,500,00040,550,000

2.                 Francis Marion:

Sch.of Ed./Sch. of Business Bldg.New Construction 8,500,000


3.                 Medical University:

PsychiatricInst. Mech. Sys. Renovate.Repair/Replacement1,300,000

4. SC State:Lowman Hall RenovationsAdd/Renovation9,500,000


5. USC-Columbia:

Housing Facilities Code ComplianceRenovation3,000,000

BatesHouse RenovationRenovation2,050,000

Nursing125, 127 RenovationRenovation650,000

Bus.Admin. 002, 003, 008 Renov.Renovation1,275,000


6. USC-School ofMedicine:

SOM-AnimalResource FacilityRenovation1,625,000


7. Aiken TC:

Health and Sciences BuildingNewConstruction6,658,250


8.Horry-Georgetown TC – Grand Strand Campus:

Officer's Club RenovationRenovation1,927,650


Theseprojects were all considered at one time, with the opportunity provided fordiscussion following the introduction of each project.On behalf of the Committee, a motion(Byerly) was made, seconded (Floyd) and carried to approve theabove eight projects as presented.


There wasan item addressed (ATT X) which dealt with the approval of furniturepurchase for the Executive Director’s office and the new conference room.This request was reviewed by the Committeethis morning and did approve it.Onbehalf of the Committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded andcarried to approve the purchase of furniture for the Palmetto ConferenceRoom and the Executive Director’s Office.


C.                Information Report: Report of Status of Life Safety Issues,2000


Informational Report on Status ofLife Safety Issues, 2000 is Attachment XI.


D.               Preliminary Report on the Validation Study of the MRR by MGT


A copy of the presentationprovided by Mary McGowan-Moak as a preliminary report is Attachment XII.The final report is expected in August.



3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Mr. Dalton Floyd


A.Consideration of Performance Ratings for1999-2000


The Committeeon Planning, Assessment and Performance Funding met on April 25 to consider theperformance ratings for 1999-2000.Thestaff sent out preliminary evaluations to the institutions; institutions wereasked to respond in writing by April 14 should they have any concerns, which anumber of them did.The staff analyzedthose responses, had some communication with institutions, made someadjustments and distributed the staff recommendations to the Commissionmembers.The Committee then consideredthose on April 25.Summary ofActions is Attachment XIII.


On behalf ofthe Committee, a motion (Floyd) was made, seconded (Jackson) and carried for the ratings (ATT XIV).Note:These ratings were distributed to theCommission members and will not be distributed again with this copy of theminutes, but are retained with the permanent record of these minutes.



B.                      Consideration ofData Verification Reports


1.                       The Citadel

2.                       Francis MarionUniversity

3.                       ChesterfieldMarlboro Technical College

4.                       Tri-CountyTechnical College

5.                       WilliamsburgTechnical College


TheData Verification process is used to clarify procedures and definitions andverify information submitted to the Commission.On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Floyd) was made, seconded (Jackson) and carried to approve the Data Verification Reportslisted above.


For information:There will be a meeting of the Committee on Planning, Assessment andPerformance Funding on June 1 following the Commission meeting, and again onJune 20..


5.Report of the Executive Director Rayburn Barton


¨     Legislative Update – Overview of the budget passed bythe Senate Finance Committee to be presented to the full Senate next week, waspresented.$25 million are recommendedfor performance funding; $2 million increase in the budget for LIFEscholarships, for a total of $28.5 million; for access and equity they arerecommending an additional $500,000, which would make available a total of $1.4million for that program.


¨     Last June the Commission adopted a research initiativeto request, over the five-years period, an additional $25 million new dollarsfor the research endeavor at the universities within the state.That initiative requested continued fundingof $2.5 million for seed grants for faculty.The Senate is recommending a total of $5 million for research, acontinuation of the $2.5 million plus an additional amount that would be madeavailable.The seed grants wereallocated based on peer review proposals from faculty on a 90/10 formula.On the request this year, the Senate haspassed a proviso that would extend that 90/10 formula to all researchfunds, not just the seed money grants.That will enable, based on proposals coming from South Carolina State,College of Charleston and other institutions in that sector, to compete forthose as well.The Senate isrecommending to the Finance Committee a $116 million-dollar bond bill.The Senate will take up the full budget nextweek and one week after that, a Conference Committee will meet.By early June, the budget will be finalized.


¨     The Association of Governing Boards’ ConferenceProposal has not, as yet, been received.It is expected the last week in May.This conference would be sponsored by the Commission with the Council ofBoard Chairs and the Council of Public College and University Presidents.As soon as I receive that proposal, I willforward it to you for your consideration as to whether or not you wish tosponsor such an event in the fall.






6.      OtherBusiness


Dr. Shi introduced a proposedbusiness concept for a Technology Research Park centered on informationtechnology.


There being no further business,the meeting was adjourned at 11:35 a.m.







Betsy R. Gunter









Please Note:Attachments referred to in these minutes were mailed to you prior to theMay 4 Commission meeting.Therefore,they are not attached again here, but are on file and a part of the permanentrecord of these minutes.










ATT I-XIII – On File:South Carolina Commission

on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC29201