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SC CHE Minutes Sept 2000

SC CHE Minutes Sept 2000



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

held at

ClemsonUniversity Conference Center

Clemson, SC

September 7,2000, at 10:30 a.m.




Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms. Rosemary H. Byerly

Ms. Dianne Chinnes

Ms. Susan Cole

Ms. Lorraine Dimery

Mr. Lawrence Gressette, Jr.

Ms. Cathy Harvin

Dr. Larry Jackson

Dr. Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen. Thomas R. Olsen

Mr. Dan Ravenel

Mr. Carl Solomon



Dr. David E. Shi



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Mr. Charlie FitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Ms. Lynn Metcalf

Dr. Gail Morrison

Mr. John Smalls

Dr. Mike Smith

Ms. Jan Stewart

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk



Dr. Miguel Abboud

Dr. Stony Abercrombie

Mr. Charles Agnew






Mr. Harry Bell

Ms. Betty Boatwright

Dr. Diane Bradstetter

Mr. Jim Byrd

Ms. Joellen Cantrell

Ms. Missy Coker

Mr. Bob Connelly

Ms. Mary Jo Cook

Mr. Chip Cordon

Mr. Tom Cover

Mr. Robert Cuttino

Mr. Stan Davis

Ms. Betsy Davis

Ms. Mary DeKuyper

Mr. Daniel Dukes

Ms. Susan Edwards

Mr. John Finan

Mr. Dave Fleming

Mr. Alan Godfrey

Mr. Stan Godshall

Dr. Susan Guinn

Mr. Gary Hansen

Ms. Susan Holland

Mr. Don Helms

Mr. Randall Hickman

Mr. Tom Higard

Mr. David Hislop

Mr. Kurt Holland

Dr. Sally Horner

Ms. Jacquetta Jones

Ms. Karen Jones

Mr. Mike Jordan

Mr. Thornton Kirby

Dr. ScottLudlow

Dr. Harry Matthews

Ms. Mary McKowan-Moak

Mr. Bob Mellon

Mr. Gary McCombs

Dr. Ann McNutt



Col. Spike Metts

Dr. Bob Mignone

Mr. Rich Novak

Ms. Jackie Olsen

Dr. Charles Parker

Ms. Rose Pellat

Mr. Joe Pruss

Mr. Leon Sanders

Mr. Charles Shawver

Mr. Gordon Shuford

Dr. Jackie Skubal

Ms. Teresa Smith

Dr. John Stockwell

Dr. Dewitt Stone

Dr. John Sutusky

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

Ms. Rita Teal

Mr. Don Tiner

Ms. Dale Wilson

Mr. Malone Zimmerman



Ms. Anne Simon/Greenville News




For the record,notification of the meeting was made to the media as required by the Freedom ofInformation Act.


The meetingwas called to order at 10:45 a.m. by Chairman Floyd.


The order of the agenda was changed to accommodate President Barker, whowelcomed the Commission and guests to Clemson University Campus and gave abrief history of the establishment of Clemson University and briefly discussedthe present interrelationship of the State colleges and universities withregard to their operations and cooperation with one another.




Mr. Charlie FitzSimons was thenasked to proceed with the introductions of guests.


2.Chairman’sReport- Mr. D. Floyd


Chairman Floyd welcomed everyone to the Commission meeting and commentedon the Trusteeship Conference held the day before this meeting.He reported that, judging from commentsreceived from participants, it was believed to be a “resounding success” and itis the hope that we can hold more of these conferences in the future.


2.               Approval ofMinutes


A motion was made, seconded and carried to approve the minutes as submitted.

3.               CommitteeReports


3.01Report of the Executive CommitteeChairman Dalton Floyd

(No Report)


3.02        Report ofthe Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing Ms. DianneChinnes





3.03        Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& Student ServicesMs. Sue Cole (No Report)



3.04Committee on Finance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly


Committee Chairman Byerly mentioned that there were twoprojects (#5) added and discussed in the committee meeting.


A.Consideration of Facilities Interim Projects


1.      ClemsonFike Well. Ctr. Renovation/Add.

Increase Budget/Revise Scope$20,400,0002.Coll. of CharlestonAcquisition of 5Liberty St.

Increase Budget/Acquire Facility$900,0003.Central Carolina TCAccept Donation – FE Dubose

Property – Establish Project$04.Piedmont TCLaurensCounty Higher Ed. Ctr.

Increase Budget$900,000


Heart& Vascular Center

AirHandler Replacement$1,600,000

TheCommittee has approved all projects as submitted and on behalf of theCommittee, a motion was made by Chairman Byerly, seconded (Harvin) and carried to approve these projects as submitted.(ATTI A)

B.              Consideration of Below-the-Line Items


1.     Institution Below-the-Line Requests

2.     CHE Below-the-Line Requests


InstitutionBelow-the-Line Requests (1) - Ms. Byerly explained that below-the-lineitems are special requests which are not part of the Mission ResourcesRequirement (MRR).The MRR includesoperating education and general costs for the institutions.These requests were considered and approvedby the Committee and therefore, on behalf of the Committee a motion(Byerly) was made, seconded (Cole) and carried to approve theinstitution Below-the-Line requests as submitted.

There is also a basis forappeal when a project does not meet the guidelines or for some reason there isnot sufficient information when the request is submitted; it is sent back tothe institution and the institution can appeal.There were two appeals received this morning that were approvedby the Committee.One came from theCitadel for an emergency staging project .This request for $850,00 includes a generator for hurricanepreparedness.If used at peak times, itwill reduce The Citadel’s electric bill by approximately $30,000.The savings will be reflected in theMRR.On behalf of the Committee, a motion(Byerly) was made, seconded (Jackson) and, after brief discussion, carriedto approve this appeal.One otherappeal from MUSC was approved for $74,294, a 12-month continuation of aminority bone marrow project which is already in place.

CHE Below-theLine Requests (2) – Ms Byerly asked that the Commission vote only on thefirst 10 items, since item 11 will be discussed later while considering anotheragenda item.Acronyms were explainedand, on behalf of the Committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded(Ravenel) and carried to approve items 1-10 as submitted.(ATTI B)


C.              Consideration of Plan 2002

(College & University Appropriation Request FY2002)


The Committee approved the adoption of Plan 2002 and, on behalf of theCommittee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded (Ravenel) and carriedto adopt Plan 2002, the South Carolina Higher Education Funding Plan for2002.(ATT I C)


D.Considerationof CHE Proposed Foundation

The Committee voted to carry this itemon the proposed foundation over to October in order to fully discuss it andlook at all ramifications of the proposal.(ATT I D)


E.Consideration ofProposed Statewide Higher Education Center for InformationTechnology Education

During the 2000 legislativesession, the General Assembly appropriated approximately $4 million to theCommission on Higher Education for a “College and University TechnologyInitiative.”Given that there was no furtherdescription for the use of these funds, the CHE staff is requesting Commissionapproval for institutions to present a proposal for the development of a StatewideHigher Education Center for Information Technology Education.On behalf of the Committee a motion(Byerly) was made, seconded (Jackson) and carried to approve thisrequest.

Item E, having been approved,Number 11 in the Below-the Line Requests (Agenda Item B.2.11) is now to beconsidered.On behalf of the Committee,a motion was made, seconded (Gressette), and carried toapprove the $4 million Below-the-Line request for the proposed TechnologyCenter for the second year.(ATT I B)


F.               Consideration of Revised Membership of the FundingAdvisory Committee


Ms. Byerly stated that it had come to the attention of the Committee thatthere was no direct representative from the five regional campuses.This proposal would allow one person torepresent the two-year regional campuses and, in addition, and two persons fromthe technical colleges (one voting and one non-voting member) to be added tothe Funding Advisory Committee.On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded(Jackson) and carried to approve this revision to the membership of theFunding Advisory Committee.(ATT I F)


G.Study of theValidation of the Mission Resource Requirement Model

(For information only)


Dr. Mary McGowan Moke of MGT presented the final report on thestudy.The written report is includedin ATT I G to these minutes.There were nine recommendations for improvement, but the MRR isconsidered, in general, a good and fair funding model.This complete report is both attached tothese minutes as hard copy and is available on the CHE web site.


3.05Report of Committee on Planning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen.Tom Olsen


A.              Considerationof Peers for Research Sector


On behalf of the Planning andAssessment Committee, a motion was made (Olsen), seconded (Ravenel) to adopt the peers proposed by the research institutions andadditionally, relevant data derived from the IPEDS reporting and fromOklahoma/CUPA reporting for salary be used for these peers in conjunction withthe scales approved by CHE on July 6, 2000, for setting the numeric standardsfor indicators 1A, 2D, 3C, 5A, 5D, 7A1a and 9B, as applicable.(ATTII A)


B.              Considerationof Recommendation for Performance Improvement Funding


There remained $137,844 inperformance funding improvement funding following approval of performanceimprovement awards on July 6, 2000.Proposals were solicited from the three eligible institutions that hadnot initially applied for funding (The Citadel, College of Charleston and SCState).They submitted proposals perthe same guidelines used in the initial round (ATT II B).On behalf of the committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded, and carried to approve: theCitadel $51,00, College of Charleston $52,344 and SC State University $34,500in performance improvement funding awards.These awards versus the requests are displayed in ATT II B.


C.              Considerationof Data Verification Reports


The data verification reports ofthe following institutions have been reviewed and discussed with theinstitutional representatives, with no questions or requests for changes;therefore, on behalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded (Harvin) and carried to accept these reports as written.(ATTII C)


1.Teaching Universities

a.Coastal CarolinaUniversity

b.South CarolinaState University

2.Technical Colleges

a.Central CarolinaTechnical College

b.Horry-GeorgetownTechnical College

c.Orangeburg-CalhounTechnical College

d.SpartanburgTechnical College

e.Trident Technical College

f.YORK TECHnicalCollege


4.Report of the Executive Director Rayburn Barton


The followingannouncements were made of events involving the commission:


¨    FIPSE Conference will be at Patriot’s Point September20-22

¨    Access & Equity Conference October 19-20 at theAdam’s Mark Hotel in Columbia

¨    Professor of the Year Recognition Luncheon will be heldat the Capstone House on the University campus at 1:00 p.m. following theOctober 5th Commission meeting.There is to be a Governor’s press conference, but that date is notdefinite as yet.

¨    Development of a Miles to Go report specificallyfor South Carolina is underway in cooperation with the Southern EducationFoundation.There are now four southernstates with which the Foundation is working to produce individual statereports.They are: Georgia, Maryland,Arkansas and South Carolina.Thatreport will be forthcoming.




Chairman Floyd requested a motion for the Commission to go into ExecutiveSession to deal with a personnel matter.That motion (Jackson) was made, seconded (Olsen) and carried and the Commission convened in executive session.


RegularSession Reconvened


The regular session of the Commissionwas reconvened and chairman Floyd entertained any motion to be brought beforethe Commission.


A motion (Jackson) was made, seconded (Gressette), and carried to approve the resolution

regarding thesalary of the Executive Director and that resolution is ATT III.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:10 p.m.







Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary






AttachmentsI-III – Filed with permanent record of these minutes, once approved, at theCommission on Higher Education Offices.Available on Request.