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SC CHE Agenda May 2001

SC CHE Agenda May 2001




1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SouthCarolina29201


May3, 2001


10:30 a.m.




1.     Introductions-Mr. Charles FitzSimons

2.     Approval of Minutes


Chairman’sReport- Mr. D. Floyd


3.     Committee Reports


3.01    Report of the Executive Committee

(No Report)


3.02    Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing- Ms. Dianne Chinnes


A.Consideration of New Program Proposals


1.     A.P.S.,Early Care and Education, Greenville Tech

2.     B.S.,Environmental and Natural Resources, Clemson University

3.     B.S./B.A.,Environmental Science/Studies, Winthrop University

4.     B.A.,Music Coastal Carolina

5.     B.A.,Spanish, Coastal Carolina

6.     B.A.,Middle Grade Education, USC-Spartanburg

7.     M.S.,Software Engineering, USC-Columbia


B.Consideration of Additional Amendment to the Nonpublic

Postsecondary Institution License Actof 1993


C.    Consideration of CHE Consultants’ Evaluations of ExistingPrograms

in Nursing


D.   Consideration of Guidelines for SC Research Initiative Grants Program,FY 2001-02


E.Informational Report on Revised Study of ProgramDevelopment, FY 1989-1999

F.Presentation of Commendationof Excellence Awards in Nursing


·     Bachelorof Science in Nursing, Generic & Completion,


·     Masterof Science in Nursing Administration, USC-Columbia

·     PostMaster Certificate in Nursing Administration via Distance Education,USC-Columbia

·     PostMaster Certificate in Nursing Administration, USC-Columbia

·     Masterof Science in Clinical Nursing, USC-Columbia

·     Doctorof Philosophy in Nursing Science, USC-Columbia

·     Masterof Science in Nursing-Community Mental Health and Psych, USC-Columbia

·     Masterof Science in Health Nursing, USC-Columbia

·     PostMaster Certificate in Advanced Practice Nursing via Distance Education,USC-Columbia

·     PostMaster Certificate in Advanced Practice Nursing, USC-Columbia


3.03    Report of Committee on Access & Equity and

Student Services- Ms. S. Cole

(No Report)


3.04    Report of Committee on Finance and Facilities- Ms. R. Byerly

A.    Facilities Projects

1.Interim Facilities Projects


a.Clemson University - Memorial StadiumAthletic FieldIncrease

b.USC-Columbia - Coll. of Journalism NewsPlexConstr.Establishc.Central Carolina TC – ShawProperty Donation-Accept Donation d.Midlands TC – Wade Martin Add. & Renov.-Incr/Revise Scope e.Medical University

Lease Renewal- 475 Parking Spaces

Lease Renewal- 794 Parking Spaces

f.USCColumbia – Lease Renewal – 900 Assembly Street


B.    Annual Permanent Improvement Plans (APIPs)2001

C.    Information Items:


1.Annual Status Report on Life Safety Issues


-      USC-Columbia Tour Following CHE Meeting


D.Considerationof Collection of CHEMIS Data from Private Institutions



3.05Report of Committee on Planning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen

A.Consideration ofPercentage Scores for Performance Rating System



4.     Report of the ExecutiveDirector


¨     Legislative Update

¨     Office of Civil Rights Complaint



Presentation:Dr. Virginia Uldrick


South Carolina Governor’s School

for the Arts and Humanities



6.Other Business