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SC CHE Agenda September 2001

SC CHE Agenda September 2001




1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SouthCarolina29201


September6, 2001


10:30 a.m.




1.     Introductions-Mr. Charles FitzSimons


2.     Approval of Minutes


Chairman’s Report- Mr. Dalton Floyd



3.     Committee Reports


3.01    Report of the Executive Committee-Mr. Dalton Floyd


Recommendations from the Meeting withCommission Directors on August 3


3.02    Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing- Ms. Dianne Chinnes

A.    Consideration of Report on PostsecondaryInstitution Licensing, including 2 LicensingRequests:

1.Initial Licenses to Recruit in SouthCarolina:

High-Tech Institute, Orlando, Florida

Specialized Associate Degrees in Medical Assistant, X-RayTechnician,

Surgical Technologist, and Computer Networking &Information Technology


High-Tech Institute, Nashville, TN

A.O.S. Degrees in Medical Assistant, SurgicalTechnologist, and

Computer Networking & InformationTechnology; A.S. Degree in X-Ray



2.     Initial License:Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Beaufort, SC

M.S., Administration with a Concentration in Health Services




3.03    Report of Committee on Access & Equity and

Student Services- Ms. S. Cole

Presentation of the Mercury Award, Special Public Relations Programs

The Wordsmith, Inc.


3.04    Report of Committee on Finance and Facilities- Ms. R. Byerly


A.    Consideration of Plan 2003 – The Funding Planfor FY 2003 for Colleges and Universities


B.    Consideration of Below-the Line Items


C.    Consideration of Exceptional Capital Projects


D.   Commission Budget Requests


E.    Consideration of Interim Capital Projects


F.     Information Item:Status of Institutional Life-Safety Plans



3.05Report of Committee on Planning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen

A.    Consideration of staff recommendations forIndicator 2D, Compensation of Faculty,

standardsapplicable in Performance Year 2001-02 to Impact FY 2003-04 (Year 6)


B.    Consideration of staff recommendations forimplementing indicators 6A/B, 7A,

and9A as defined for MUSC


C.    Information Item:Briefing on the draft Strategic Plan for Higher Education inSouth



4.     Report of the ExecutiveDirector


¨      Milesto Go: South Carolina


5.PresentationCollege Net



Robert Barkley, Directorof AdmissionsDon Burkhard, Director of Admissions

Clemson UniversityCollege of Charleston


5.     Other Business


·       Reception


6.     Adjournment