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SC CHE Minutes April 2001

SC CHE Minutes April 2001



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC

April 5, 2001




Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms. Margaret M. Addison

Ms. Dianne Chinnes

Ms. Susan Cole

Ms. Cathy Harvin

Dr. Larry Jackson

Gen. Thomas R. Olsen

Mr. Dan Ravenel

Mr. Carl Solomon



Ms. Rosemary H. Byerly

Ms. Lorraine Dimery

Dr. Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Dr. David E. Shi



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Ms. Camille Brown

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Joellen Cook

Ms. Lorinda Copeland

Ms. Renea Eshleman

Mr. Charlie FitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Sherry Hubbard

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Mr. Walter Jackson

Dr. Lynn Kelly

Mr. Alan Krech

Dr. David Loope

Ms. Lynn Metcalf







Dr. Gail Morrison

Dr. Mike Raley

Mr. John Smalls

Dr. Mike Smith

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk



Dr. Anthony Coyne

Mr. Robert Cuttino

Ms. Betty Davidson

Dr. Gary Hanson

Dr. Tom Higard

Col. Curt Holland

Dr. Sally Horner

Dr. David Hunter

Ms. Karen Jones

Ms. Star Kepner

Mr. Thornton Kirby

Dr. Carol Lancaster

Dr. Scott Ludlow

Dr. Harry G. Matthews

Mr. Gary McCombs

Mr. J.P. McGee

Mr. Bob Mellon

Col. Spike Metts

Dr. Bob Mignone

Ms. Jackie Olsen

Ms. Rose Pellatt

Mr. Charles Shawver

Ms. Anna T. Strange

Ms. Rita Teal

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

Mr. Charlie Way

Mr. Larry Wilson




Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.




Mr. Charlie FitzSimons was then asked to proceed with the introductionsof guests.


2.                 Approval of Minutes


A motion was made, secondedand carried to approve the minutesas submitted.


Chairman’s Report-Chairman Dalton Floyd


Chairman Floyd welcomed everyone tothe meeting; introduced Ms. Margaret Addison and explained that she isreplacing Mr. Lawrence Gressette as the research sector representative on theCommission on Higher Education.Ms.Addison is a Trustee at the Medical University of South Carolina and is aresident of Holly Hill, SC where she is a business woman.She has thirty years experience in publiceducation, both in teaching and district level administration.


Cathy Harvin, as newly-electedpresident of the CHE Foundation, was asked to give a brief report.


At the Chairman’s request, CathyHarvin reported on the March 29 meeting of the CHE Foundatin Board ofTrustees.At that meeting she was askedto serve as President, Larry Wilson as Vice President and Paul Harper-Bethea asSecretary-Treasurer until the annual meeting in November.Ms. Harvin stated that one of the mainconcerns of the foundation is communication from the Commission and how thefoundation can best support the activities of the Commission.

Chairman Floyd announced that inOctober, 2001, the Commission will hold its first meeting with college anduniversity trustee chairpersons and presidents.The meeting will be held in conjunction with the OctoberCommission meeting at Coastal Carolina University.A year ago, when the Commission sponsored the first TrusteeshipConference with all trustees, it was decided that the Conference should be heldevery other year, with a meeting of the Chairs of Boards of Trustees to be heldin the year between.One of the topicsfor the conference will be long-term funding issues.This meeting is to be underwritten by a Bank of America grantthrough the CHE Foundation.


During April, Dr. Daniel Ball willbe inaugurated as President of Lander University and Dr. Benjamin Dunlap asPresident of Wofford College.ColumbiaCollege has a new President, Dr. Caroline Whitson, coming from the Universityof the Ozarks in Clarkson, AK, where she is Provost and Vice-president forAcademic Affairs.


Mr. Charlie Way is to be today’sspeaker, and upon his arrival, will meet with the Commission and any remainingbusiness will be completed after his presentation.



3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of theExecutive Committee-Chairman DaltonFloyd

(No Report)


3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing -Ms. Dianne Chinnes




3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& StudentServices-Ms. Sue Cole (No Report)


3.04Committee on Finance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly




3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen


A.                      Consideration ofstandards for indicator 2D, Compensation of Faculty, Average

by Rank, for Research Sector institutions forperformance funding year 2000-01

(Year 5)


This information was held out until complete information had beenreceived from peer institutions.Thatdata has now been collected and the Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove the standards for indicator 2D as they are displayed in ATT I for use in the scoring of indicator 2D for the year 2000-2001 (year 5).


On behalf of the Committee, a motion was made (Olsen), seconded (Ravenel) and carried to approve the staff recommendation.


B.                      Consideration ofrevised standards for MUSC for indicators 1A, 3C, 5A, 5D, and

9B for performance funding year 2000-01 (Year5)


Committee Recommendation:The Committee recommends that the Commissionapprove the revised peer listing and calculation of standards for MUSC forindicators 1A, 3C, 5A, 5D, and 9B as displayed in the table (ATT II) to correct the error in information approved previously by the Commission


On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded (Ravenel) and carried to approve the recommendation of theCommittee.




C.                      Consideration ofrevised institutional mission statements:


1.                       Clemson University

2.                       WinthropUniversity

3.                       Central CarolinaTechnical College

4.                       NortheasternTechnical college

5.                       Trident TechnicalCollege


Attachment III is a summary of the revised mission statements and analyses of thoserevision for the institutions listed above.On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded and carried to approve the revised mission statements aspresented


D.                     Consideration ofproposal for implementing revisions of indicators measured and scored forannual performance assessment for performance funding year 2001-02

(Year 6)


This agenda item was moved to the end of thecommittee’s report, since this is a year 6 item and the remaining ones wereyear five.


Committee Recommendation:TheCommittee recommends that, consistent with Commission action on February 1,2001, the revised measures a indicated in Attachment IV be approvedfor use beginning with the 2001-02 performance year, with the understandingthat in some cases, as outlined in the attached material, measurement detailsor standards may require further consideration.(See “Recommended Revisions” on the summary chart in ATT IV, pages 2-11 for details).


On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded, and carried to approve theCommittee’s recommendation.

It was noted that meetings have been heldwith representatives from institutions and that there remains ongoing work onthese revisions.What is presented hereis not everything at one time, but rather a report on the ongoing process.


Ms. Chinnes commended the institutions andthe staff for their work on a tremendous undertaking and pointed out that,while there is yet a long way to go, there has certainly been admirableprogress made.



4.        Presentation:Secretaryof Commerce Charles Way outlined his ideas as to the role of higher

education in SouthCarolina’s economic development.Notesfrom that presentation areAttachment V.A brief discussion followed.



5.Report from the BusinessAdvisory Council-E. Larry Wilson, Chairman


Business Advisory CouncilChairman Larry Wilson reported to the Commission on the March 23meeting of the Council,delivering the summary of Discussion and Recommendations to theCommission, as follows:

Summaryof Discussion:

·             To diversifySouth Carolina’s economy it must support K-16 education at a sustained, higherlevel.

·             The ResearchUniversities must significantly increase their research capabilities togenerate the source of such diversification.Four year and two year institutions are vital to support thecommercialization of that research.

·             We must focusour limited resources and fully fund programs aligned with the state’sstrategic interests.

·             Highereducation should be more involved in the K-12 education reform and improvementefforts of South Carolina.


Recommendations to the Commission:

1.                       Continue to workwith the legislature to increase funding for higher education.

2.                       Convene a meeting,during the summer months, of the college and university Deans of Education todesign teacher workshops to increase the retention rate in the public schools.

3.                       Endorse theappointment of a group to work with CHE and the institutions to define priorityprogram needs and the most efficient use of available higher educationresources in the state.


6.Report of the ExecutiveDirector Rayburn Barton

¨           In the firstround of 2002 Palmetto Fellows Awards, 1,172 eligible applications werereceived.Out of 710 scholarshipsavailable (570 for public and 140 for independent institutions), 493 applicantswere selected and notified on March 30 that they were in the first group ofscholarship recipients.The first grouphas a choice to attend either a public or independent institution in SouthCarolina.They must return theiracceptance forms by May 1, at which time the second group of scholarshiprecipients will be notified.

¨           The firstannual Governor’s Palmetto Fellows Reception will be held on Tuesday, May 22,2001, at the South Carolina State Museum.The reception will begin at 6 p.m. and will end at 8 p.m.


There being no further business,the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.





Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary




Attachments I-IV

*Attachments are not includedin this mailing, but will be filed with the permanent file of these minutes andare available forreview uponrequest.