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SC CHE Minutes Feb 2001

SC CHE Minutes Feb 2001



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, South Carolina


February 1, 2001


10:30 a.m.




Mr. Dalton B.Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms. Rosemary H.Byerly

Ms.Dianne Chinnes

Ms.Susan Cole

Ms. Lorraine Dimery

Mr. LawrenceGressette, Jr.

Ms. Cathy Harvin

Dr.Larry Jackson

Dr.Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen.Thomas R. Olsen

Mr.Dan Ravenel

Dr.David E. Shi



Mr. Carl Solomon



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Ms. Renea Eshleman

Mr. CharlieFitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Mr. Alan Krech

Dr. David Loope

Ms. Lynn Metcalf

Ms. ChristinaPandimos

Mr. Joe Pearman

Mr. John Smalls

Dr. Mike Smith

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk




Dr. Andy Abrams

Dr. Thomas Baginski

Dr. Bob Boozer

Dr.Bob Bughoe

Mr.Jim Byrd

Ms.Joellen Cantrell

Mr.Randy Cherry

Ms.Kay Coleman

Mr.Bob Connelly

Ms.Mary Jo Cook

Dr.Michael Crino

Mr.Robert Cuttino

Ms.Betty Davidson

Mr.Stan Davis

Mr.Daniel Dukes

Ms.Susan Edwards

Mr.Dave Fleming

Ms. Mary Gordan

Dr. David W. Grigsby

Ms. Deborah Hackney

Mr. Pat Hanly

Ms. Amanda Hagood

Col. Curt Holland

Dr. SallyHorner

Dr. Jim Hudgins

Mr. Bob Humphries

Dr. David Hunter

Ms. Karen Jones

Ms. Star Kepner

Mr. Thornton Kirby

Ms. Dorcas Kitchings

Dr.Larry LaForge

Dr.Carol Lancaster

Dr.Terry Leap

Ms.Marcia Lindsey

Mr.Russell Long

Dr.John Lowery


Dr.Bob Markland

Mr.J.P. McGee

Dr.Mark McKnew

Mr.Bob Mellon

Col.Spike Metts

Mr.Tom Nelson

Dr.Jerry Odom

Ms.Jackie Olsen

Dr.Charles Parker

Mr.Stephen D. Parker

Ms.Rose Pellat

Mr.John Perry

Dr.Judy Prince

Dr.Kay Ratfield

Dr.Katherine Reynolds

Dr.Ron Rhanes

Dr.Rod Roenfelt

Mr.Leon Sanders

Mr.Charles Shawver

Mr.Dwayne Smiling

Ms. Lindy Smith

Ms. Anna Strange

Dr. John Sutusky

Mr. Charles P. Teague

Dr. Rita Teal

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

Dr. Lex Walters

Dr. Marcia Welsh

Dr. Mike Welsh

Ms. Macia White

Mr. Richard Williams

Dr. Paul Yazel



Ms. Chris Schweikert


Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.




Mr. Charlie FitzSimons was then asked to proceed with the introduction ofguests.


Approval of Minutes


A motion (Olsen) was made, secondedand carried to approve the minutes as submitted.


Chairman Floyd requested unanimous permission toadd an item to the agenda under Other Business.The House Education and Public WorksCommittee (Chaired by Dr. Harry Stille) has requested that we give our opinionand advice concerning a bill to add a member to CHE.With no opposition, the item was added to the agenda under ‘OtherBusiness’.


Chairman’s Report

Chairman Floyd addressed theCommission, reporting “where we are now and where we’re headed, or should beheaded, over the next year.”Thesummary of that report is Attachment I (ATT I).

2.                 Committee Reports



3.01Report of theExecutive CommitteeChairman Dalton Floyd

(No Report)




3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing Ms.Dianne Chinnes


A.Consideration of New Program Proposals

1.B.A., Film Studies, USC-Columbia

2.     Ph.D., Nursing, MUSC

3.     USC-NanoCenter, USC-Columbia


Ms. Chinnes reviewed these threenew program proposals briefly, highlighting the summaries (ATT II.a):and, on behalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, a motionwas made (Chinnes), seconded and carried that, based on theconsultants’ recommendations these programs be approved as presented.


B.Consideration of Amendment to LicenseJohnson & Wales University,

Charleston, SC

1.     A.A.S., Recreation/Leisure Management

2.     B.S., Recreation/Leisure Management

3.     B.S., Sports/Entertainment/Events Management


Johnson & Wales was licensedin 1983 and last reviewed in 1998.Onbehalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, a motion(Chinnes) was made, seconded and carried to approve the programsleading to the BS Degree in Sports/Entertainment Management for implementationin Fall 2001, the Associate of Applied Science degree in Recreation/LeisureManagement and the Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation/Leisure Managementfor implementation in Fall 2002, provided that no “unique cost” or otherspecial state funding be required or requested.(ATT II.b)


C.Consideration of CHE Consultants’Evaluations:


2.   Foreign Language


Recommendation 1:The Committee recommends that theCommission approve the following recommendations regarding the review ofexisting academic programs in business:


that the programs listed onAttachment 1 of this report for which continuing approval is recommended by theCommission’s consultants be granted such status;

that the following programs begranted commendations of excellence, as recommended by the Commission’sconsultants:

●BS, MS, andPhD programs in Industrial Management, Clemson University

●Master ofInternational Business Studies (MIBS), International MBA, andProfessional MBA, University of South Carolina-Columbia;

that the following program begranted a provisional approval, as recommended by the Commission’s consultant,pending a follow-up report to be submitted to the Commission no later thanFebruary 1, 2002, indicating the modifications made or in the process of beingmade to the program to enhance its quality:


●PhD inBusiness Administration, University of South Carolina-Columbia.


Recommendation 2:The Committee recommends that theCommission approve the recommendations of the consultant team on foreignlanguages as follows:

that all programs at The Citadel, ClemsonUniversity, Francis Marion University, Lander University, South Carolina StateUniversity, the University of South Carolina-Columbia, the University of SouthCarolina-Spartanburg, and Winthrop University be granted Continuing ApprovalStatus; and,

that all programs at the Collegeof Charleston (BA and AB degree programs in Classics, French, German, andSpanish, MA program in Foreign Language Interpretation and Translation, andPost Master’s Certificate program in Bilingual Legal Interpreting) be grantedCommendation of Excellence status.


On behalf of the Committee onAcademic Affairs and Licensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, secondedand carried to approve the recommendations as stated above.(ATT II.c).


D.Consideration of Proposal to Establish theS.C. Information TechnologyInstitute


Recommendation:TheCommittee recommends that the Commission approve the South Carolina InformationTechnology Institute for immediate implementation, provided that the Board ofDirectors is appointed at the earliest opportunity and completes development ofthe elements described above by June 30, 2001.(ATT III)

On behalf of the Committee onAcademic Affairs and Licensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded,and carried to approve the recommendation as stated above.During the discussion period, Dr. Shiexpressed hope that, once the Board of Directors is created, they remember thatthere are selected private colleges in the state that can make substantial contributionsto this effort and are willing to do so.He voiced concern that the private colleges have, thus far, not beeninvited to participate in the discussions.


E.Presentation of Commendation ofExcellence Award in Education


The Commendation of ExcellenceAward in Education was presented to the Master of Education in StudentPersonnel Services, USC-Columbia as recommended by the Commission’s externalprogram review consultants in education.

Representativesfrom USC Columbia present were:

Dr. Jerome Odom,Provost

Dr. KatherineReynolds, Associate Professor of Higher Education

Dr. Mike Welsh,Associate Professor of Higher Education

Dr. John Lowery,Assistant Professor of Higher Education

Ms. DeborahHackney, Graduate Student




F.Presentation of Commendation of Excellence Awards inBusinessAdministration


·       Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Clemson

·       Master of Science in Industrial Management, Clemson

·       Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Management, Clemson

·       Master on International Business Studies, USC-Columbia

·       International Master of Business Administration,USC-Columbia

·       Professional Master of Business Administration,USC-Columbia


Commendation of Excellence Awardsin Business Administration were presented to the programs listed above asrecommended by the Commission’s external consultants in businessadministration.Present to receivethese awards were the following:


Representing Clemson University:

Dr. David W. Grigsby, Assiocuate Dean of the College ofBusiness & Public Affairs

Dr. Terry Leap, Chair, Dept. of Management

Dr. Larry LaForge, Alumni Professor of Management

Dr. Michael Crino, Alumni Professor of Management

Dr. Mark McKnew, Associate Dean of the Graduate School


Representing USC’s Darla MooreSchool of Business:

Dr.Rodney Roenfeldt, Assocaite Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr.Bob Markland, Associate Dean for Administration

Mr.Paul Yazel, Managing Director, MBA Programs

Mr.Pat Hanly, Managing Director, International Programs

Dr.Jerry Odom, Provost


G.Presentation of Commendation of Excellence Awards in theForeignLanguages


·       Bachelor of Arts in Classics, College of Charleston

·       Bachelor of Arts in French, College of Charleston

·       Bachelor of Arts in German, College of Charleston

·       Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, College of Charleston

·       Master of Arts in Foreign Language Interpretation andTranslation, College of Charleston

·       Certificate in Bilingual Legal Interpreting, College ofCharleston


Commendation of Excellence Awardsin Foreign Languages were presented to the College of Charleston with thefollowing representatives present:

Dr.Andrew Abrams, Provost

Dr.Sam Hines, Dean, School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr.Earl Rickerson, Head, Division of Classical and Modern Languages

Dr.Frank Morris, Department of Classics

Dr.Andrew Sobiesuo, Department of Hispanic Studies

Dr.Jeffrey Foster, Department of French

Dr.Thomas Baginski, Department of German

Dr.Virginia Benmaman, Program in Bilingual Legal Interpreting

Ms.Marcia White, College Relations


3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& StudentServicesMs. Sue Cole


A.                Public Hearing:PalmettoFellows Scholarship Program Regulations


The proposed regulations for thePalmetto Fellows Scholarship Program (ATT III.a) were published in theState Register on Oct. 27, 2000 to allow for a 30-day public comment period andwere approved by the Commission at the December 7 meeting.The requisite time has passed and there havebeen no public comments and neither are there today.Since there were no public comments, the motion (Cole) wasmade, seconded, and carried to approve the regulations as theywere presented in ATT III.a and forward them to the General Assembly forappropriate action.


B.                Public Hearing:South Carolina Need-based Grant Program Regulations


The proposed regulations for the South Carolina Need-based Grant Program(ATT III.b) were published in the State Register on Oct. 27, 2000to allow for a 30-day public comment period and were approved by the Commissionat the December 7 meeting.Therequisite time has passed and there have been no public comments and neitherare there today. Since there were nopublic comments, the motion (Cole) was made, seconded, and carriedto approve the regulations as they were presented in ATT III.b and forward themto the General Assembly for appropriate action.


The public hearing was thenclosed.


3.04Committee onFinance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly


A.                      Consideration ofMGT Recommendations


Ms. Byerly asked that Recommendation 7 (Introduce legislation toremove the requirement that the public colleges and universities pay sales tax)be removed from the list forconsideration.After discussion inCommittee, it was decided to defer Recommendation 7 until further investigationand study can be done and will be addressed at a later time.That is so-noted in the list below.


Recommendation1:Change the student/faculty ratios at theremedial and undergraduate levels for the two-year, teaching, and researchsectors so that the ratios are the same as those for the technical collegesector.FiscalImpact: $ 39,784,808 increaseStaff recommendsdeferral.*Committee Deferred


Recommendation2:Modify Steps 4 and 5 (Libraries and StudentServices) by using student headcount data instead of full-time equivalentstudents for all calculations in the steps. FiscalImpact:$6,599,165 increaseStaffrecommends approval.



Recommendation3:Modify Steps 4 and 6 by the introduction ofeconomies of scale factors.FiscalImpact: $1,448,294 increaseStaff recommendsapproval.



Recommendation4:Modify Step 9 of the MRR calculation bymodifying policy to permit institutions to retain the first 10 percent ofrevenues over target revenues for resident students.FiscalImpact:$1,124,952 increaseStaffrecommends approval.



Recommendation5:Modify Step 9 of the MRR calculation byindexing targeted revenues for resident students to the percent of the MRR thatis funded, and permit institutions to retain any amounts that would providefunding up to 100 percent of the MRR calculation.

FiscalImpact: $54,750,161 increaseStaffrecommends approval.

*Committee Approved


Recommendation6:Modify Step 9 of the MRR calculation so thatno more than 100 percent of actual graduate student revenues are deducted fromthe MRR calculation of resource need.FiscalImpact: $59,338,435 increaseStaff recommends approval.



Recommendation7:Introduce legislation to remove therequirement that the public colleges and universities pay sales tax.Staff recommends Recommendation 7 betabled for current period.*CommitteeDeferred

Recommendation 8:Provide additional waivers for the use of the colleges anduniversities.Staffrecommends Recommendation8 be tabled for current period.



Recommendation9:Require consistent reporting of certainrevenues and expenditures on the IPEDS financial surveys.Staff recommends approval.*Committee Approved


On behalf of the Committee on Finance and Facilities, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded, and carried to approve, aspresented today, Recommendations 1-9, excluding Recommendation 7.(Recommendations 1, 7 and 8 tabled for thecurrent period.)


B.                      Consideration ofAllocation Plan 2002

This was removed from the Committee Agenda and was not discussed today,but will be discussed on March 1.Morestudy is to be done in Advisory Committee meeting in February and brought backto the Commission at its March meeting.(ATT III)


C.                      Consideration ofInterim Facilities Projects

1.                       MUSC – HollingsCancer Center Expansion

2.                       Clemson – LeaseRenewal, Clemson Res. Park

3.                       MUSC – Lease of771 Parking Spaces

4.                       MUSC – LeaseWarehouse Space

5.                       TechnicalCollege of the Lowcountry – Lease New Facility in Southern Beaufort/JasperCounty


Number 5 was removed from the agenda and will not be consideredtoday.Numbers 1 through 4 are detailedin ATT IV.Onbehalf of the Committee, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded, and carried to approve Projects 1-4 as presented in ATTIV.


3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen


A.                      Consideration of1D Goal for the Technical College of the Low Country


The Commission approved, at its last meeting,the strategic planning goals for indicator 1D, except for one goal for theTechnical College of the Low Country.Issues regarding this goal have now been resolved and the Committee hasapproved the goal as submitted by TCLC to increase its course offerings in itsservice area.(ATT V.a)On behalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded and carried to approve the goalas submitted for TCLC for indicator 1D/1E.


B.                      Consideration ofRevised Mission Statements for Greenville Technical College and YORK TECHnicalCollege


Institutions are asked to submit revisions totheir mission statements to the Commission on Higher Education forapproval.The Committee reviewedrevised mission statements from Greenville Technical College and YORK TECHnicalcollege at its last meeting.Details ofthose revisions are ATT V.b.Onbehalf of the Committee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded, and carried to approve the revisions as presented.


C.                      Consideration ofRevision of Indicators Measured and Scored for Annual Performance FundingAssessment

The Planning and Assessment Committee hasbeen discussing revisions to the indicators to be used in the annualperformance rating process.Thesediscussions have involved the Committee, institutional representatives and Commissionstaff.Based on those discussions andthe recommendations of Dr. Peter Ewell, consultant, the Committee recommendsseveral changes outlined in ATTV.c.

On behalf of the Planning & AssessmentCommittee, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded, and carried to approve the indicators listed inAttachment V.c …“to be used in determining annual performance scores beginningwith the Spring 2002 performance rating process, with the understanding forsome indicators revised measured will need to be developed and that allindicators, whether directly used in the scoring process or not, are subject toassessment to determine compliance with standards.”


6.Report of the ExecutiveDirector Rayburn Barton

¨     LegislativeUpdate – The Commission Budgetpresentation has been made to the appropriate committees in the House and wehave met with Representative Townsend’s committee and discussed a wide range ofhigher education topics.As yet a datehas not been set for presentation on the Senate side.


¨     Campus SafetyConference – February 26-28, 2001at Madren Center, Clemson University Campus


¨     GEAR UPCelebration – February 7, 2001,Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Columbia


¨     Palmetto FellowsReception – Plans are underway forthe Palmetto Fellows Reception either in April or May.


¨     Higher EducationDay at the General Assembly – Plansare being made for a Higher Education Day at the General Assembly for March14.Plans are to bring together fromall 33 public institutions in the state, a president, a trustee, a student anda faculty member. The State technical board will also be involved.




House Bill 3201 (ATT VI) is a bill to add a CHE member to the Commission to represent GreenwoodGenetic Center, funded by the Self Foundation.Representative Stille’s subcommittee asked that the Commission take aposition on this.


Dr. Barton pointed out that we haverepresentatives of sectors, representatives statewide and representatives fromcongressional districts.He thereforerecommended that this not be enacted.Dr. Barton agreed to inform Dr. Stille in writing of the Commission’sposition.


Mr. Ravenel asked about the StateLottery and how it may affect higher education institutions.Dr. Barton informed him of progress beingmade in that area and studies being done and that the report will be presentedto the Commission when completed.


Chairman Floyd mentioned the public service initiative and indicated thatthere may be some recommendations at the next meeting.Dr. Jackson suggested a survey to find outwhat institutions are doing in the public service arena.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.







Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary




Attachments I-VI -Filed with permanent record of these minutes, once approved, at theCommission on Higher Education Offices.Available for review upon request.