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SC CHE Minutes June 2001

SC CHE Minutes June 2001



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC

June 7, 2001



Mr.Dalton B. Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms.Margaret M. Addison

Ms.Dianne Chinnes

Ms.Susan Cole

Ms.Lorraine Dimery

Ms.Cathy Harvin

Dr.Larry Jackson

Dr.Vermelle Johnson

Dr.Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen.Thomas R. Olsen

Mr.Dan Ravenel

Dr.David E. Shi



Ms.Rosemary H. Byerly

Mr.Carl Solomon



Dr.Rayburn Barton

Ms.Camille Brown

Mr.Michael Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Ms.Joellen Cook

Ms.Lorinda Copeland

Ms.Renea Eshleman

Ms. Colleen Freeman

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms.Bichevia Greene

Ms.Betsy Gunter

Ms.Julie Harden

Ms.Yolanda Hudson

Mr.Walter Jackson

Dr.Lynn Kelly

Dr.David Loope

Ms.Stephanie McCaslin

Ms.Lynn Metcalf

Dr.Gail Morrison

Mr.Joe Pearman

Dr.Mike Raley

Mr.John Smalls

Dr.Mike Smith

Ms.Jan Stewart

Dr.Nancy Williams

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk



Dr.Bob Boozer

Mr.Jim Byrd

Ms.Joellen Cantrell

Dr.Anthony Coyne

Mr.Robert Cuttino

Ms.Betty Davidson

Mr.Bob Isenhower

Ms.Ann Gregory

Dr.Tom Higard

Dr.Sally Horner

Dr.David Hunter

Mr.Rick Kelly

Ms.Star Kepner

Ms.Dorcas Kitchings

Dr.Carol Lancaster

Mr.Russell Long

Dr.Scott Ludlow

Mr.Bill Mackie

Dr.Harry G. Matthews

Mr.Gary McCombs

Mr.J.P. McGee

Mr.Bob Mellon

Col.Spike Metts

Dr.Bob Mignone

Ms.Jackie Olsen

Ms.Rose Pellott

Mr.Charles Shawver

Dr.Jackie Skubal

Mr.Dwayne Smiling

Ms.Anna Strange

Dr.John Sutusky

Dr.Rita Teal

Mr.Jonathan Trail

Dr.Lovely Ulmer-Sottong





Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.




Mr. Michael Brown was then asked to proceed with the introductions ofguests.


2.                 Approval of Minutes


A motion was made (Olsen), seconded(Ravnel) and carried to approve the minutes as submitted.


Chairman’s Report-Chairman Dalton Floyd


Chairman Floydintroduced Dr. Vermelle Johnson, recently appointed to the Commission byGovernor Hodges, replacing the late Senator Frank Gilbert as the 6thCongressional District representative.Dr. Johnson currently serves as Senior Vice President and Vice Presidentfor Academic Affairs at Claflin University in Orangeburg.


Commissioners weremailed individual copies of the Legislative Audit Council report and this willbe added to next month’s Agenda for discussion.Dr. Mike Smith led a short discussion pointing out the report’srecommendations and the Commission’s response.A copy of the full report, including the Commission’s response, is AttachmentI to these minutes.


Chairman Floydannounced that a luncheon is being planned for Commissioners, the TechnicalEducation Board and representatives from the individual Area Commissions.This is tentatively planned for September 6immediately following the Commission meeting.The plan is to finish the Commission meeting here and walk down to theCapital City Club for lunch.


Dr. Hal Salisburyof North Charleston has contacted me, extending an invitation to members of theCommission on Higher Education to speak to Rotary Clubs in district 7770.If any of you would be interested in doingthis, we will provide Dr. Salisbury with your name(s).We do not provide names and addresses ofCommissioners directly unless you request that we do so.


3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of theExecutive Committee-Chairman DaltonFloyd

The ExecutiveCommittee met on May 22, 2001, to consider adoption of initiatives for the year2001-2002 and requesting support from the Commission on Higher EducationFoundation.The Executive Committeeprioritized the initiatives as follows:

1.                 Trusteeship Conference

2.                 Campus Safety Conference

3.                 Annual Palmetto Fellows Reception

4.                 Summer Institute on College Teaching


A motion (Ravenel) was made,seconded (Olsen) and carried to adopt these initiatives andformally request the support of the Foundation in accomplishing them.

3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing -Ms. Dianne Chinnes

(No Report)


3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& StudentServices-Ms. Sue Cole


A.Public Hearing Consideration of Regulations:

SouthCarolina Student Loan Corporation


Ms. Coleexplained that a public hearing will be held for consideration of amendedregulations to the SC Student Loan Corporation.Minor changes that benefit the students were discussed at theDecember meeting.The Commission onHigher Education published the proposed amended regulations for the SouthCarolina Student Loan Corporation (Attachment II) in the State Registeron March 21, 2001. This public hearingis being held in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act.Interested members of the public wereinvited to comment on the proposed amended regulations; there being none, thepublic hearing was closed.


B.Consideration of Proposed FY 2001-2002 Administrative Budget for the SC

Student Loan Corporation


Attachment III presents detailedinformation on the proposed FY 2001-2002 Administrative Budget for the SCStudent Loan Corporation.The totalamount requested is an increase of $61,250 over last year due to additionalresponsibilities requiring additional personnel.


On behalf of the Committee on Access& Equity and Student Services a motion (Cole) was made secondedand carried to approve the budget as presented.


C.2000 -2001 GEAR UP Report


This is aninformational item and the full report is Attachment IV.Dr. Karen Woodfaulk gave a summary report onthe operation and goals of the GEAR UP Program.

3.04Committee on Finance and Facilities-Mr. Daniel Ravenel



3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen


A.Considerationof Ratings for Performance Year 2000-01 to impact FY 2001-02


On May 22, the Committee on Planning,Assessment and Performance Funding met to consider ratings and scores for eachof the institutions for FY 2000-01 which will impact the funding for FY2001-02.Gen Olsen commended the mannerin which the staff and representatives from the institutions worked togethercompiling the performance ratings (AttachmentV).All institutions have met the “achieves” or “exceeds” level.The average score this year was 82% (2.47 ona scale of 3); 17 institutions were in the “achieve” while 16 met the “exceeds”standard.


On behalf of the Committee on Planning,Assessment and Performance Funding, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded,and carried to approve the performance ratings as submitted in Attachment V.


4.Report of the ExecutiveDirector Rayburn Barton


¨           Dr. Bartonrecognized Mr. Rick Kelley, representing the University of South Carolina forthe first time as the new Financial officer.He is the former director of the Budget and Control Board.

¨           The GeneralAssembly adopted the lottery conference report.There are provisions in that for LIFE scholarship money, severalK-12 programs, and a pre-kindergarten program.

¨           The BudgetConference Committee met most of the night and will continue to debate today,so there is still no budget to report.

¨           The PalmettoFellows reception was a huge success, with approximately 1300 peopleattending.Senator John Drummondcommented that it was the largest turnout for any event in all his years in theSC General Assembly.


Presentation:Dr. Murray Brockman, newly-appointedPresident, South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, gave abrief presentation on the Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, itspurpose and its accomplishments.


Executive Session:AnExecutive Session was convened for the performance appraisal of the ExecutiveDirector as part of the performance evaluation process required by the SC AgencyHead Salary Commission.


Reconvene RegularSession:The regular session of the Commission on Higher Education wasreconvened.


Adjournment:There being no further business, the meeting wasadjourned at 11:45 a.m.





Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary


Attachments I-V

*Attachments are not includedin this mailing, but will be filed with the permanent file of these minutes andare available forreview uponrequest.