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SC CHE Minutes March 2001

SC CHE Minutes March 2001



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC

March 1, 2001




Mr.Dalton B. Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms.Rosemary H. Byerly

Ms.Dianne Chinnes

Ms.Susan Cole

Ms.Lorraine Dimery

Mr.Lawrence Gressette, Jr.

Dr.Larry Jackson

Gen.Thomas R. Olsen

Mr.Dan Ravenel



Ms.Cathy Harvin

Dr.Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Dr.David E. Shi

Mr.Carl Solomon



Dr.Rayburn Barton

Ms.JoAnn Biga

Ms.Camille Brown

Mr.Michael Brown

Ms.Julie Carullo

Ms.Lorinda Copeland

Ms.Renea Eshleman

Mr.Charlie FitzSimons

Mr.Gary Glenn

Ms.Betsy Gunter

Dr.Nancy Healy

Ms.Sherry Hubbard

Ms.Yolanda Hudson

Dr.Lynn Kelly

Mr.Alan Krech

Dr.David Loope

Ms.Lynn Metcalf

Dr.Gail Morrison

Mr.John Smalls

Dr.Mike Smith

Ms.Jan Stewart

Dr.Karen Woodfaulk






Dr.Corey Amaker

Dr.Diane Bradstadter

Mr.Bill Bragdon

Mr.Bob Busbee

Ms.Joellen Cantrell

Dr.Les Carpenter

Ms.Missie Coker

Ms.Kay Coleman

Mr.Bob Connelly

Dr.Anthony Coine

Ms.Mary Jo Cook

Mr.Tom Cover

Mr.Robert Cuttino

Ms.Char Davis

Ms.Kathryn Duke

Ms.Susan Edwards

Mr.Dave Fleming

Mr.Stan Godshall

Dr.Susan Guinn

Mr.Jim Hammond

Ms.Jodi Herrin

Col.Curt Holland

Dr.Sally Horner

Dr.Jim Hudgins

Ms.Brenda Jones

Ms.Star Kepner

Mr.Mark Kirkpatrick

Mr.Russell Long


Ms.Amanda Magsond

Mr.Gary McCombs

Mr.Bob Mellon

Dr.Bob Mignone

Ms.Jackie Olsen

Dr.Charles Parker

Ms.Rose Pellatt

Mr.John Perry

Mr.Don Peterson

Dr.Chris Plyler

Dr.Ron Rhames

Dr.Lawrence Roy

Mr.Leon Sanders

Dr.Jackie Skubal

Mr.Dwayne Smiling

Ms.Virginia Steel

Dr.Teresa Smith

Dr.John Sutusky

Ms.Rita Teal

Mr.Jonathan Trail

Dr.Don Tyner


Ms.Chris Schweiker

Ms.Charlene Gunnells

Mr. Jim Hammond





Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.





Mr. Charlie FitzSimons was then asked to proceed with the introductionsof guests.


2.                 Approval of Minutes& Chairman’s Report


A motion was made, secondedand carried to approve the minutesas submitted.


Chairman’s Report- Mr. D. Floyd


Chairman Floyd commended Dr. LarryJackson, who is to be honored at the SC Governor’s School for Science andMathematics Business Advisory Council’s inaugural dinner.Dr. Jackson is the recipient of the CharlesH. Townes award for contributions to science, mathematics and technology education.


Chairman Floyd stated that this maybe the last meeting for one of the members, Lawrence Gressette and thanked Mr.Gressette for all he has done for the Commission and expressed hope that hewould stay in touch.


3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of the ExecutiveCommitteeChairman Dalton Floyd



3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing Ms. DianneChinnes

(No Report)




3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& StudentServicesMs. SueCole (No Report)

3.04Committee onFinance and Facilities-Ms. Rosemary Byerly


A.     Consideration of Allocation Planfor 2001-2002


Ms. Byerly thanked the fundingadvisory committee and staff for the work they’ve done on devising this plan ina very difficult year.She also thankedLarry Jackson, Dan Ravenel and Tom Olsen for attending the advisory committeemeeting and for sharing their perspectives. The plan (Attachment I) wasdiscussed and the Committee unanimously approved the staff recommendation.


The staff recommends thefollowing allocation plan for FY2002.


1.     All funds will be subject to the performance indicators.

2.     The scores and rating system for the indicators will bedetermined by the Planning and Assessment (Performance Funding) committee withapproval by the Commission.The scoreswill be applied to both the current and previous year’s appropriation.

3.     In the event of a reduction in current year’s appropriations,each institution will receive its pro rata share of the percentage reduction,unless the General Assembly dictates exemptions or exceptions.

4.     Funding for parity will not be implemented this year anddelayed until such time as the General Assembly allocates “new dollars” foroperations.


On behalf of the Committee onFinance and Facilities, a motion (Byerly) was made, seconded and carriedto adopt the recommendation.


B.     Reportand Panel Discussion on the Effect of the Lottery on the Colleges and

Universities’ FTE and Education and General Operations.


Ms. Byerly stated thatCommission members had requested a presentation on the effects of the lotteryon the colleges and universities.


Mr. John Smalls presented anoverview of the lottery bills pending in the Senate (Attachment II).A panel discussion followed with Dr. SallyHorner, Executive Vice President, Coastal Carolina representing the teachingsector, Dr. Jim Hudgins, Executive Director, State Board for Technical andComprehensive Education representing the technical sector, Ms. Char Davis,Director of Enrollment Management, University of South Carolina representingthe research sector, and Dr. Chris Plyler, Executive Dean of Regional Campusesand Continuing Education representing the University of South Carolina RegionalCampuses.Dr. Rayburn Barton moderated.


A summary of the panel discussion was prepared on March 6 for members ofthe Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee and is Attachment III (a, b & c).




3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen

(No Report)


4.Report of the ExecutiveDirector Rayburn Barton


¨     Budget reductions range from 11-12%, with the exceptionof the Medical University (which was a 2.5% reduction, related to the deficitsthey have experienced) up to as high as 20%.Those reductions were previously in The Friday Notes.

¨     Sales tax resolution – it was suggested that we adviseyou that, while the legislature appreciates the Commission’s concern, this isnot the year they would be open to suggestion.

¨     Higher Education Day in the Legislature has beenpostponed by one year in view of the budget reduction and the expense involvedin hosting that event.


Chairman Floyd reported that the CampusSafety Conference was very successful, having just ended yesterday.


There being no further business,the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.





Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary


Attachments I-III



Attachments are not included in this mailing, but will befiled with the permanent file of these minutes and are available for reviewupon request.