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SC CHE Minutes May 2001

SC CHE Minutes May 2001



South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC

May 3, 2001



Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr., Chairman

Ms. Dianne Chinnes

Ms. Lorraine Dimery

Ms. Cathy Harvin

Dr. Larry Jackson

Dr. Harry Lightsey, Jr.

Gen. Thomas R. Olsen

Mr. Dan Ravenel

Mr. Carl Solomon



Ms. Margaret M. Addison

Ms. Rosemary H. Byerly

Ms. Susan Cole

Dr. David E. Shi



Dr. Rayburn Barton

Ms. Camille Brown

Ms. Julie Carullo

Ms. Joellen Cook

Mr. Charlie FitzSimons

Mr. Gary Glenn

Ms. Betsy Gunter

Ms. Julie Harden

Ms. Yolanda Hudson

Mr. Walter Jackson

Dr. Lynn Kelly

Dr. David Loope

Ms. Stephanie McCaslin

Ms. Lynn Metcalf

Dr. Gail Morrison

Dr. Mike Raley

Mr. John Smalls

Dr. Mike Smith

Ms. Jan Stewart

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk




Dr. Corey Amaker

Ms. Denise Beres

Ms. Betty Boatwright

Dr. Dianne Bradstadter

Mr. Jim Byrd

Mr. Tom Cover

Dr. Anthony Coyne

Ms. Betty Davidson

Mr. Tim Garner

Dr. Tom Higard

Dr. David Hunter

Ms. Karen Jones

Dr. Frankie Keels

Mr. Rick Kelly

Ms. Star Kepner

Mr. Thornton Kirby

Ms. Dorcas Kitchings

Dr. Carol Lancaster

Ms. Lena Lee

Dr. Scott Ludlow

Mr. John Malunrose

Mr. Mitch Martin

Dr. Harry G. Matthews

Mr. J.P. McGee

Mr. Bob Mellon

Col. Spike Metts

Dr. Bob Mignone

Ms. Jackie Olsen

Dr. Charles Parker

Dr. Mary Ann Parsons

Ms. Gerry Shuler

Dr. Jackie Skubal

Mr. Charles Shawver

Dr. Gordon Smith

Ms. Virginia Steel

Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong


Forthe record, notification of the meeting was made to the media as required bythe Freedom of Information Act.


The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by ChairmanFloyd.




Mr. Charlie FitzSimons was then asked to proceed with the introductionsof guests.


2.                 Approval of Minutes


A motion was made (Ravenel), seconded(Olsen) and carried to approve theminutes as submitted.


Chairman’s Report-Chairman Dalton Floyd


Mr. Floyd announced that the Commission has received notification fromthe Governor’s office that Ms. Vermelle Johnson has been nominated by theGovernor for the 6th Congressional District representative on theCommission on Higher Education.Thisappointment represents the filling of the last vacancy on the Commission and itis expected that the appointment process will be completed this month.


In order to accommodate the Governor’s schedule, the dates for theTrustee Chairs/Presidents/Commission members have been changed from October 3rdand 4th to October 11th and 12th.The plan at this time is to hold the OctoberCommission meeting on the afternoon of October 11 and the meeting with theTrustee Chairs and Presidents on October 12.The program will highlight the National Governors’ Association HigherEducation Initiative, co-chaired by Governor Patton of Kentucky and GovernorRidge of Pennsylvania.Governor Hodgeshas been asked to invite Governor Patton to participate in this program withhim.

ChairmanFloyd suggested that the Commission formally adopt some specific goals onbehalf of all the colleges and universities to be presented to the Higher EducationFoundation in the form of a request for assistance.He then asked that the Executive Committee meet this month andrecommend a set of goals to be presented to the full Commission forconsideration at the June 7 meeting.


3.                 Committee Reports


3.01Report of the ExecutiveCommittee-Chairman Dalton Floyd



3.02         Report of theCommittee on Academic Affairs

and Licensing -Ms. DianneChinnes

A.Consideration of New Program Proposals


1.     A.P.S., Early Care and Education, Greenville Tech

2.     B.S., Environmental and Natural Resources, Clemson University

3.     B.S./B.A., Environmental Science/Studies, Winthrop University

4.     B.A., Music Coastal Carolina

5.     B.A., Spanish, Coastal Carolina

6.     B.A., Middle Grade Education, USC-Spartanburg

7.     M.S., Software Engineering, USC-Columbia


There areseven new program proposals, all to be implemented in the Fall of 2001.They have all been approved at theappropriate institutional level, by the Advisory Committee on Academic Programsand by the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing.The summaries of all seven programs areincluded in Attachment I.


On behalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs andLicensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded and carriedto approve the program leading to the Associate of Public Service with a majorin Early Care and Education degree at Greenville Technical College forimplementation in Fall, 2001 provided that 1) no “unique cost” or other specialstate funding be required or requested; and 2) provided further that alladvisement by faculty and staff as well as all published literature shallindicate that, while some courses may transfer, the program is not a collegetransfer program and does not lead to teacher licensure or certification.


On behalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs andLicensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded (Olsen) and carriedto approve the following programs for implementation in Fall, 2001, providedthat no “unique cost” or other special state funding be required or requested:


B.S., Environmental and NaturalResources, Clemson University

B.S./B.A.,Environmental Science/Studies, Winthrop University

B.A., MusicCoastal Carolina

B.A., Spanish,Coastal Carolina

B.A., Middle GradeEducation, USC-Spartanburg

M.S., SoftwareEngineering, USC-Columbia


B.Consideration of Additional Amendment to theNonpublic

Postsecondary Institution License Act of1993


Attachment II describes the proposed changes inLaw and Regulations governing nonpublic postsecondary institutions that operateor solicit in South Carolina and detailing the additional changes.On behalf of the Committee on AcademicAffairs and Licensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded and carriedto approve the two new proposed changes to the law and regulations governingnonpublic postsecondary institutions as described in page 1 of Attachment IIand authorize the staff to pursue legislative approval in compliance with theAdministrative Procedures Act.


C.    Consideration of CHE Consultants’ Evaluations of ExistingPrograms

in Nursing


InOctober, 1999, consultants evaluated all nursing programs at public 4-yearuniversities in South Carolina.Theconsultants were asked to evaluate and give either:Commendation of Excellence, Continued Approval, ProvisionalApproval, or Termination.Seveninstitutions were reviewed (35 programs).There was one provisional, 25 continued approval, and 10 commendationsof excellence.Attachment IIIdetails the programs reviewed by the consultants at each institution andprovides the recommended status for each program.On behalf of the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing, a motion(Chinnes) was made, seconded and carried to approve the followingrecommendations regarding the review of existing academic programs in nursing:

a.      the approval of the consultant team’s recommendations that allnursing programs reviewed at Clemson University, Lander University, Universityof South Carolina Aiken, University of South Carolina Spartanburg, and theMedical University of South Carolina, and all off-site programs offered bythese institutions at the University Center of Greenville, Francis MarionUniversity, USC Beaufort, or by distance education, be granted ContinuingApproval.

b.     The approval of the consultant team’s recommendation that theMaster’s of Nurse anesthesia (MNA) program at the University of SouthCarolina’s School of Medicine and the BSN-Completion program at South CarolinaState University be granted Continuing Approval.

c.      The approval of the consultant team’s recommendation that theBSN-Generic program at South Carolina State University be granted ProvisionalApproval, until such time that it is granted full approval by the State Boardof Nursing.

d.     The approval of the consultant team’s recommendation that allprograms of study in nursing which were offered through USC Columbia’s Collegeof Nursing be granted a Commendation of Excellence.


D.   Consideration of Guidelines for SC Research InitiativeGrants Program, FY 2001-02


Attachment IV contains theproposed Guidelines for SC Research Initiative Grants Program, FY2001-2002.The Guidelinesare substantially the same as last year’s, which were substantivelyrevised.On behalf of the Committee onAcademic Affairs and Licensing, a motion (Chinnes) was made, seconded,and carried to approve the Guidelines as presented in AttachmentIV in the event that they are needed.


E.Informational Report on Revised Study ofProgram Development, FY 1989-1999


AttachmentV, the Executive Summary of a study about program development trends, isprovided for your information.Thispast fall we conducted an extensive study about program development trendsamong programs added or deleted between 1989 and 1999.The entire study, as revised and updated,will be placed on our web site in the near future.


F.Presentation of Commendation ofExcellence Awards in Nursing


The following programs werepresented Commendation of Excellence Awards in Nursing:


·       Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Generic &Completion,


·       Master of Science in Nursing Administration,USC-Columbia

·       Post Master Certificate in Nursing Administration viaDistance Education, USC-Columbia

·       Post Master Certificate in Nursing Administration,USC-Columbia

·       Master of Science in Clinical Nursing, USC-Columbia

·       Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, USC-Columbia

·       Master of Science in Nursing-Community Mental Healthand Psych, USC-Columbia

·       Master of Science in Health Nursing, USC-Columbia

·       Post Master Certificate in Advanced Practice Nursingvia Distance Education, USC-Columbia

·       Post Master Certificate in Advanced Practice Nursing,USC-Columbia.


3.03         Report of the Committee on Access, Equity

& StudentServices-Ms. Sue Cole (No Report)

3.04Committee on Finance and Facilities-Mr. Daniel Ravenel

A.    FacilitiesProjects

1.Interim Facilities Projects


a.Clemson University - MemorialStadium Athletic Field-Increase

b.USC-Columbia - Coll. ofJournalism NewsPlex Constr.-Establish

c.Central Carolina TC – ShawProperty Donation-AcceptDonation

d.Midlands TC – Wade MartinAdd. & Renov.-Incr/ReviseScope

e.Medical University

Lease Renewal- 475 ParkingSpaces

Lease Renewal- 794 Parking Spaces

f.USC Columbia – Lease Renewal – 900 AssemblyStreet

Attachment VI contains descriptions of the above interim facilities projects; Onbehalf of the Committee on Finance and Facilities, a motion (Ravenel) was made, seconded and carried to approve theabove projects.


B.    Annual PermanentImprovement Plans (APIPs) 2001

Clemson University:

HoltzendoffHall Exterior Renov.Renovate950,000

CooperLibrary HVAC Improve.Renovate1,200,000



ShoeboxDormitories Bldg. SystemsRenovate700,000

ClemsonHouse RenovationsRenovate900,000


Coastal Carolina:

R.Cathcart Smith Sci. Ctr.Add/Renovate35,200,000

AtlanticCenter RenovationRenovation1,200,000

SingletonBldg. RenovationRenovation5,885,000

WaitesIsland Research FacilityNewConstruction1,800,000

Francis Marion:

FoundersHall RenovationRepair/Renovate/Replace2,500,000

McNair ScilBldg/Cauthen Ed.

Media Center Auditoria Ren.Repair/Renovate/Replace727,000

Deferred Maintenance ProjectDeferred Maintenance1,475,250


Medical University

ReplaceCampus High Voltage


SC State

WhittakerLibrary Expansion. Renov.Add/Renovation12,000,000


Greenville Technical College

StudentCenter/Admin. RenovationRenovation1,500,000


Northeastern Technical College




Trident Technical College

Bldgs.100, 500, & 800Re-roofing625,000


On behalf of the Committee on Finance and Facilities, a motion (Ravenel), was made, seconded, and carried to approve theabove projects as they are outlined in Attachment VI.


C.    Information Items:


1.     Annual StatusReport on Life Safety Issues

2.     Reminder:

-        USC-ColumbiaTour Following CHE Meeting


D.Consideration ofCollection of CHEMIS Data from Private Institutions


On behalf of the Committee onFinance and Facilities, a motion was made (Ravenel), seconded andcarried to approve the staff’s request to collect CHEMIS Data fromprivate institutions.Dr. Jim Byrd hasdiscussed this with several of the private institutions and, at this point,there has been no objection from the private institutions to providing us thisinformation.


There was some discussion ofthis topic, but all were in agreement that this would be beneficial to theinstitution and to the Commission.(ATTVII)


3.05Report of Committee onPlanning, Assessment

and Performance Funding- Gen. Tom Olsen


A.     Consideration of Percentage Scores forPerformance Rating System

On behalf of the Committee on Planning,Assessment and Performance Funding, a motion (Olsen) was made, seconded, and carried to approve the staff recommendation asfollows:





DoesNot Achieve-3% prior year, adjusted*

SubstantiallyDoes Not Achieve-5% prior year, adjusted*

*The prior year is adjustedas directed by action of the General Assembly.Institutions performing in the Does Not Achieve and Substantially DoesNot Achieve categories are eligible to apply for reimbursement of up totwo-thirds of their disincentive amount to address performance weaknesses.(AttachmentVIII)

4.Report of the ExecutiveDirector Rayburn Barton


¨     The House haspassed a budget with approximately $80 million reduction in institutionalfunding.This ranges from 2.5% at theMedical University to up to 19% at some institutions, the average being about11%.The Senate Finance Committeebudget reflects an average 9% reduction in higher education, approximately $66million reductions if you look at all of the institutions. That will be debatedby the full Senate the week of May 14.

¨     TheLottery:The House last night rejectedone version with amendments.They willtake up the same bill today.

¨     About two weeksago, Governor Hodges’ office received a letter from the US Department ofEducation, Office of Civil Rights, informing him that there has been a formalcomplaint filed against the higher education system in this state, allegingthat we are operating a system that is guilty of racial discrimination.We expect to hear, in the next two weeks,from the Atlanta office as to the particulars.We have notified the Office of Civil Rights that they will have our fullcooperation.

¨     Dr. Lightseyand the Baruch Foundation at Hobcaw have offered to hold a reception during thefall meeting of the Trustee Chairs, college and university presidents and theCommission October 11.Plans for thatevent will be forthcoming.


Presentation:Dr. Virginia Uldrick, President, SouthCarolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities, presented a short videoand talked at some length about the activities and accomplishments of the Governor’sSchool for the Arts and Humanities.


Adjournment:There being no further business, the meeting wasadjourned at 11:45 a.m.





Betsy R. Gunter

Recording Secretary


Attachments I-VIII

*Attachments are not includedin this mailing, but will be filed with the permanent file of these minutes andare available forreview uponrequest.