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SC Research Centers of Economic Excellence

Please visit the SmartState Program Official Website:

  • SmartState Funded Proposals (Summary)
  • SmartState Funded Proposals (Detailed)

For further Information contact: 

Dr. Argentini Anderson, Program Manager
Academic Affairs and Licensing
(803) 737-2276

 Updated: Friday June 14, 2013.

At the March 21, 2011, Review Board meeting, the brand name was formally changed from the CoEE Program to the SmartState Program.

 Program Mission Statement

The SmartState Program serves the public interest by creating incentives for the state's research universities, in cooperation with other institutions of higher education in the state, to raise capital from non-state sources to fund endowments for specialized research professorships.  These professorships in turn serve as the nucleus for unique, university-based research centers which cultivate critical, public-private industrial partnerships, expand the state's knowledge base, create well-paying jobs, and enhance economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for the people of South Carolina.




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