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CAAL Meeting Material 02-10-2005

CAAL Meeting Material 02-10-2005


Committee on Academic Affairs
February 10, 2005

1.  Consideration of Minutes of  October 20, 2004    
2.  Consideration of New Program Proposals

a.  A.D.N., Nursing, Aiken Technical College    
b.  A.I.T., Industrial Maintenance Technology, Aiken Tech    
c.  B.A., Latin American and Caribbean Studies, College of Charleston
d.  B.S., Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Charleston  
e.  B.S., Discovery Informatics, College of Charleston    
f.  M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Clemson     
g.  M.S.W., Social Work, Winthrop  
h.  Ph.D., Environmental Design and Planning, Clemson    
i.  Ph.D., Anthropology, USC-Columbia     

3.  Consideration of Request for Initial Licensure:    
                             University of Phoenix, Multiple Programs
4.  Consideration of Report on Program Productivity, Fall 1998-Fall 2003 , South Carolina State   

5.  Consideration of Follow-up to Report on Program Productivity, Fall 1998-Fall 2003  
6.  Consideration of Annual Evaluation of Associate Degree Programs, FY 2002-2003    
7.  Consideration of Annual Report on Admissions Standards for First-Time Entering Freshmen, Fall 2004    
8.  Consideration of Annual Report on Advanced Placement Course Acceptance Policies, FY 2004-05

9.  Consideration of Mission Statement Revisions:    

a.  Greenville Technical College
b.  University of South Carolina

10.  Consideration of Revisions to Teacher Scholarship Grant Guidelines  

a.  “Provisional” Certificate 
b.  Inclusion of Other School Personnel

11.   Other