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CAAL Meeting Material 09-04-2008

CAAL Meeting Material 09-04-2008

Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing
September 4, 2008 1:00 p.m.

1. Consideration of Minutes of April 3, 2008

2. Consideration of New Program Proposals

  1. A.H.S., Emergency Medical Technology, Midlands Tech
  2. M.Engr., Industrial Engineering, Clemson
  3. D.N.P., Doctor of Nursing Practice, MUSC

3. Consideration of Requests for Amendments to Existing License to Add New Programs
  1. Art Institute of Charleston, A.A., Wine, Spirits, and Beverages Management
  2. ECPI: Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, B.S.; Computer and Information Science; Electronics Engineering Technology; Business Administration; Healthcare Administration
  3. Walden University, to recruit into M.A.T., Early Childhood Education; M.A.T., Special Education

4. Consideration of Request for Amendment to Existing License of University of Phoenix to Add a Site at Greenville:
B.S., Business; Criminal Justice Administration; Health Administration; Human Services; Information Technology; Management;
M.B.A., Business Administration; M.H.A., Health Administration; and M.M., Management

5. Consideration of Revised Guidelines for Centers of Excellence (Teacher Education) Competitive Grants Program, FY 2009-10

6. Consideration of Revised Guidelines for Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grants Program, FY 2009-10

7. Consideration of Annual Report on English Fluency Act, FY 2007-08

8. Consideration of Operating Budget for Centers of Economic Excellence, FY 2008-2009

9. Consideration of Nominees for Elected Positions to Deans’ Committee on Medical Education, 2008-2012 Term

10. Informational Report on Staff-Approved Mission Changes

11. Informational Report on Approved and Terminated Programs, FY 2007- 2008

12. Other