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SREB Electronic Campus

SREB Electronic Campus

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) initiated the Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC) in November 1997.The SREC is an electronic “marketplace” of programs, courses, and services that are available through technology.It allows students to take electronically delivered programs and courses offered by colleges and universities at times that are convenient for students.

Most programs and courses are offered over the Internet.However, a number of technologies are used, including videotape, satellite, e-mail, and compressed video.The equipment requirements for each course are listed on the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Website.

Most courses do not require attendance on campus. Some programs may require an on-campus component, but not all have this requirement. All program requirements are indicated clearly at the SREB Web site allowing students to compare requirements and to select the programs that best meet their needs and circumstances.

Degree programs at the certificate/diploma, associates,upper-division baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels are accepted by theSREC. Each college and university has pledged to follow the Principles of Good Practice developed by the SREC for all programs and courses offered in this electronic market place.This set of quality standards developed by the SREB is also available on the Web site.

Credits earned in programs and courses through the SREC maybe transferable.The acceptance of credits and use of credits for program requirements are the decision of the college or university to which the credits are being transferred. Students should consult the college or university for transfer policies, visit the SREB Web site: