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SREB Regional Contract Programs

SREB Regional Contract Programs

The Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Regional Contract Program is a cooperative tuition-savings program. It enables qualified students to pursue a first-professional health degree at selected out-of-state institutions and pay in-state tuition and fees at public institutions and reduced tuition at private institutions. Students who live in South Carolina and want to earn a degree in optometry or veterinary medicine are eligible to participate. Each institution provides a specified number of seats for South Carolina residents in three schools of veterinary medicine (Tuskegee University, University of Georgia, and Mississippi State University), two schools of optometry (Southern College of Optometry and University of Alabama at Birmingham).

Each professional school pledges to admit a specific number of qualified students from other states. Students apply for admission and are responsible for tuition at public institutions, but they are not asked to pay an out-of-state fee. Students have their tuition reduced at private institutions. A student must apply directly to the institution of his/her choice for admission. However, prior to being admitted as a contract student, he/she must be certified as a South Carolina resident. If you are certified as a South Carolina resident we will notify you and the institution(s). Residency status is made in accordance with South Carolina State Code of Regulations Chapter 62, which can be found at

South Carolina residents who wish to participate in the Regional Contract Program sponsored by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) must have continuously resided in the State for other than educational purposes for at least two years immediately preceding their submission of the residency status application and must meet all other residency requirements during this two year period. Individuals who qualify for in-state tuition and fees are not automatically classified as South Carolina residents.

A determination of one’s resident status made at the time of one’s initial application to be certified as a South Carolina resident for purposes of participation in the Regional Contract Program does not prevail for each subsequent academic year.

A South Carolina resident student who has been certified as a State resident for the purpose of participating in the Southern Regional Education Board Contract Program must be recertified prior to the beginning of each fall semester for each academic year for which benefits are requested.

NOTE: Certification as a South Carolina resident does not guarantee a contract seat. The institution(s) makes the final decision regarding admission.

South Carolina Residency Certification Application                  (complete this application if you are applying for a contract seat)

South Carolina Residency Recertification Application              (complete this application ONLY if you are already in a contract seat)

Regional Contract Programs Frequently Asked Questions


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